Virtual Horse Racing at 10CRIC India

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports people have placed bets on. Before the boom of physical sportsbooks and online betting, it was the only real gambling experience people could get.

Today, horse racing is not as popular as it used to be, but it’s trendy among certain types of bettors. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many horse races as one would like, which is why virtual horse racing is undoubtedly a great substitute.

Virtual horse races are on 24/7, making them ideal for massive sports fans. On 10CRIC, you can bet on virtual horses any time of the day. We feature races every day of the year, and they are typically quite fast, around two minutes, so you’ll get to place numerous bets on many races in only a short period.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports people have placed bets on. Before the boom of physical sportsbooks and online betting, it was the only real gambling experience people could get.

You’ll also get to watch these races with high-quality graphics and information that will help you place the wagers you want.

However, there’s a lot more we have to say about this, including what virtual horse racing is exactly, how it works, how to place bets on 10CRIC, and so much more. Keep reading so you can get the necessary knowledge you need to start placing bets.

What Is Virtual Horse Racing?

Virtual horse racing is the same as real horse racing and effectively simulates the sport. So, you’ll get to watch a typical horse race, but it will be more akin to a video game with constantly improving graphics as technology advances.

Every horse race features a specific number of horses with their jockeys, and they are riding over a virtual field inspired by real famous racecourses in Great Britain and beyond. So expect to see venues similar to famous racecourses like Cheltenham, Ascot, Newmarket, York, Goodwood, and many others.

Betradar powers the games, so you can expect high-quality and high functionality. You won’t have to worry about lags, bugs, or anything else. You’ll only need to worry about the wagers you want to place.

Even though they are virtual, the races are still fascinating because the makers have made sure to mimic actual races as much as possible. You’ll get stunning graphics, and different camera angles to watch the race as it should be watched.

Each game also has background noises from the audience, live commentators, and you’ll even hear the stomping of horse hoofs and every other ubiquitous ambient sound.

What’s also interesting is that every race will tell you exactly who’s won with after-race videos in slow motion.

The gameplay action is located outside of the stream, of course. 10CRIC has provided all the necessary functions, so you can quickly place the bets you want. The bet slip is right there, so you can easily pick your stake once you’ve added your bets.

How Does Betting on Virtual Horse Racing Work Online?

Now that you’ve seen what virtual horse racing is and how it looks, you’re probably asking the following question — how does virtual horse racing work? We’ve touched on the subject briefly, but now is the time to explain it in detail, so you know what to expect from your betting experience.

First of all, it’s worth explaining that even though virtual horse races are made to mimic real races, the results do not. This means that the results are always decided randomly, just like slots, casino games, and other virtual sports work. Virtual races also use random number generators (RNGs) to create completely random outcomes.

In other words, the chances for a specific horse winning are decided by the odds, just as in actual horse races. Naturally, it’s not a given that a horse with the lowest odds will win, but the odds are certainly in its favour and consequently yours if you’re betting on them.

RNGs still work at random here, it’s just that the horses with better odds feature more tickets in a sort-of raffle system this technology uses. Consequently, the horse with the most raffle tickets has the highest chance of winning but is never sure to win.

Bets are placed the same way as other virtual sports and regular sports bets. Players receive their winnings as soon as the race ends, and you can place as many bets as you want. The bets you get to place typically revolve around guessing the winning horse, but there are others like place, show bets, forecast, and more.

This means that betting works the same way as all other sports betting does. You get a set of choices to make for a specific betting market and odds for each. You choose the one you believe is the likeliest to happen and place a stake on it. The stake is multiplied by the odds to show your potential winnings. And that’s it.

This means that virtual horse racing is pure gambling, unlike real horse racing, which works using the parimutuel style of gambling where the odds are not set by the bookie but decided by the leading market forces.

Virtual Horse Racing Bets

Virtual horse racing comes with various bets to choose from, just like real horse racing. At 10CRIC, you get the chance to place bets like:

  • Win

This is a basic bet and one you’ll be placing the most. The site shows each horse's odds of winning, and you only need to choose one and place a bet. In other words, you are betting on a specific horse to win, and that’s it. This is one of the easiest bets to win.

  • Place

A place bet is similar to a win bet as you are still betting on a specific horse to win. However, to win the bet, your horse can finish first or second, and you’ll win the bet regardless. Naturally, the odds here are much lower, so these wagers might not always be lucrative enough.

  • Forecast

A forecast bet allows you to choose two horses and bet on which one will finish first and which second. As expected, this bet is a bit harder to win, but the odds are always quite good.

  • Tricast

A tricast bet is similar to a forecast, but here you need to pick the first three horses in exact order. You need to pick three names and place each in the first, second, and third spots. If this scenario ends up being right, you’ll win a large sum as the odds are excellent.

How to Bet on Virtual Horse Racing on 10CRIC?

If you’re ready to start betting on virtual horse racing, you should know that doing that on 10CRIC is incredibly simple.

It’s mainly because registering, using, and betting on 10CRIC is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do to start betting on virtual horse racing for real money:

  1. Create an account on 10CRIC or log in if you already have one.
  2. Pick an event out of all the virtual horse racing events available on our site. The current event is live-streamed at the top with all the necessary information attached to the stream or next to it, while the available betting markets and odds are beneath. You can bet on the current or any upcoming race.
  3. Once you’ve picked the race, you must select the bet type you want to place. Make sure to look at the odds, as they will help you make better predictions. Since virtual horse racing is entirely random, the odds are the best predicting factor.
  4. Click on the odds, and a new betting slip will appear to the right of the screen.
  5. In the betting slip, enter the stake you want, and the slip will show you how much you’ll win if you end up being correct.
  6. Confirm the betting slip, and that’s it.

Since the races last about two minutes each, you’ll get the results quite fast. That’s also the case if you’re betting on a few upcoming races since the action is fast-paced.

Naturally, you don’t have to bet on a single event. You can always add more selections to the slip to increase your potential win.

Virtual Horse Racing Tips

Virtual horse racing is quite simple as it functions as a typical gambling game, unlike actual sports racing. Because of that, there aren’t many pro tips and tricks like the ones sports bettors can use. However, we can still provide a few tips that will help you get better at this game:

  • Set betting limits - Virtual horse racing is pure gambling, so you must limit yourself to how much you’ll bet, both in terms of money and time.
  • Know when to stop - As is the case with all gambling forms, you need to know when to stop. It’s best to stop whenever you spend too much or once you’ve spent your bankroll.
  • Always accept the losses - Learn to accept when you lose and stop on time so you don’t exceed your limits.
  • Remember that virtual horse racing is not real horse racing - Virtual horse racing is inspired by real horse racing and represents a simulation of the actual sport as much as possible. However, betting is not the same in both cases. Virtual horse racing is pure gambling as RNGs determine each game, so it’s entirely random.
  • Past results do not lead to the future ones being the same - In real horse racing, one horse is always better than most others, potentially a winner of several races in a row. However, this can’t be the case in virtual horse racing because the outcomes here are random and only partly determined by the odds.

Advantages of Betting Online on Virtual Horse Races

Virtual horse racing online comes with several exciting advantages you should know about. Let’s take a look at the most important ones

  • Races are very fast - An entire race in virtual horse racing is over in as few as two minutes, so betting is very fast-paced. This is in direct contrast to actual horse racing, where you have to wait for a very long time between races and for one race to end.
  • You can bet anytime - Virtual races don’t have to be organised like real ones, and there are no excessive funds to invest. They can run all the time, every day. That’s why you can bet 24/7 on virtual horse racing in 10CRIC.
  • No need to be a knowledgeable expert - In real horse racing, just like with every type of sports betting, you need prior knowledge of the horses, racers, the racetracks, and so much more. Virtual sports racing is pure chance, so there’s no knowledge required, making it more accessible to everyone.
  • Races are free to watch - Real races often have to be paid to watch, but watching virtual races is entirely free and done through 10CRIC.

Bet Online and Win Real Money on Virtual Horse Racing With 10CRIC’s App

Betting on 10CRIC is traditionally done through the website, be it on desktop or mobile. The experience is pretty much the same, as we’ve made sure to keep the same aesthetic and functionality, with the only differences being ones that accommodate the change in screens and the type of browser.

However, if you are a big fan of betting on the go on your phone, and we’re sure you are, you can also use the 10CRIC app.

We feature an Android and iOS app you can download straight from the site. Installation is simple and quick, and you only need to ensure you allow it as the app is not found on the official app stores due to regulatory reasons.

Once the app is installed, you only need to log in and visit the virtual horse racing section to start betting on these races with real money.

Betting is easy, and all the options you usually have are available. The difference is that the app is much better than the actual mobile site, as apps have more functionality than sites.

You get to deposit and withdraw money, play casino games and bet on both sports and virtual sports using the same variety of betting markets, and you can get push notifications to boot. The last part is highly convenient as you’ll never miss out on a new promotion, bonus, or some other novelty.


What's included in a virtual horse racing event?

Many things are, most notably a full stream of a virtual race, high-quality graphics, commentators, and several bets to place. This makes it very akin to an actual horse race.

How to win in virtual horse racing?

You need to place a bet that will end up being correct. For example, you need to bet on a horse to win, and you’ll only win if that horse ends up being the victor.

What are the types of bets during the event?

The most common bet is the win bet, where you bet on a specific horse winning the race. However, you can also choose between other bets, including place, forecast, and tricast bets.

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