Wimbledon Men Betting & Odds from 10CRIC

Wimbledon is one of the highest-grossing and most exciting sports tournaments each year. It’s the oldest tennis competition in the world and one of the four Grand Slam tournaments. It’s also one of the most significant events for in-person and online gambling.

Last year was its first cancellation since World War II. The previous official Wimbledon took place in 2019 with record prize pools. With sports returning in full force this year, you may be looking for a fast-paced and fun way to interact with your favourite athletes. If this sounds like you, look no further than 10CRIC.

We are a top-of-the-line betting site that offers the best Wimbledon Men odds on the market, making it your one-stop-shop for all things Wimbledon Men betting. Whether you’re a long time fan of tennis, a novice or a sports fan looking for something new, we have you covered.

Our Indian player-base seems more excited than ever for our 2021 offers, and we don’t blame them. Wherever in the world that you are from, here’s some advice for this year’s competition courtesy of 10CRIC.

Wimbledon Men Betting Odds

Before you can even think about placing a bet, you should be clear on the different types of bets available to you. When it comes to tennis, the three terms you should be familiar with are pre-game betting odds, outright odds and live odds.

Pre-game Wimbledon odds refer to the fixed-line before a match or collection of games. These odds are determined by the bookie you play with and require at least a moderate amount of knowledge on the sport.

Outright tennis odds are betting odds for a full competition or tournament. These odds are determined ahead of time but can also shift throughout the play. You can make these bets before gameplay begins or during; each has specific odds.

Outright odds are typically the first posted before the season or tournament begins. Because of the shifting odds, these are a bit easier than pre-game odds to win with.

Live odds are the newest type out of the three. As technology advances, so does online gambling. You are free to place a live bet while the game is being played right in front of you. Luckily, 10CRIC has the best live Wimbledon Men betting odds available.

A match’s live odds are frequently in flux, so timing is imperative. However, due to the global pandemic and some player’s injury history, it may be the most effective way to bet out of all three.

A key distinction here is that you need to be on top of things if you plan on utilising live odds to their full potential. They are the perfect choice for the gambler who can sit and watch the entire event unfold.

While these three are the most critical types of odds to understand, there are many others. 10CRIC has hundreds of ways to play; make sure you check out the website in its entirety before making a deposit.

Wimbledon Men Tennis Betting Promotions

In addition to numerous other bonuses, 10CRIC has the best Wimbledon Men promotions on the market. Many rewards can apply to tennis matches from both general sports packages and tennis-specific ones.

The first promotion that applies is their welcome bonus, called their “₹10,000 Winning Welcome.” This promo allows the user to receive a 100% first deposit bonus for sports or casino up to the stated amount. This bonus amount can be used towards Wimbledon matches and includes additional free spins.

Another of 10CRIC’s bonuses that can apply to Wimbledon matches is their “Ace Tennis Free Bets” offer. It provides players with a weekly free bet of ₹2,000 on any ATP or WTA match (Men’s & Women’s Professional Associations).

Although Wimbledon doesn’t start until the summer, you can use these promotions to get a firm grasp on 10CRIC’s betting site as well as the nuance’s of tennis-related gambling.

In addition to these tennis-specific deals, various general sports bonuses can also apply. This includes their “Game of the Week” which offers cashback to participants and “Combo Club” for cash bonuses on combo bets.

Come see who is on a hot streak on our dime. Put yourself on top of the competition when it comes to fellow tennis-fans. More information can be found by clicking “Promotions” at the top of the home page.

10CRIC Wimbledon Men Betting App

The 10CRIC Betting App is your best friend when it comes to a Wimbledon companion this year. If you can’t find the time to sit at your desktop for some punting then we have the solution for you. Sometimes you just need a little change of pace.

10CRIC offers the best Wimbledon Men App for betting for the gambler on the go. You can access the app from anywhere at any time.

It comes equipped with 24/7 multilingual customer support and an easily navigable user interface. The app will help you place bets, make deposits/withdrawals, and check scores with ease.

When you open the 10CRIC app, you will be presented a list of events. Select the one you’d like to wager on and enter the amount you’d wish to bet. Click the big “Place Bet” button, and you’re all set.

Everything that you can see on our desktop site can be viewed through the app, making it perfect for convenient mobile gambling. Download links can be found on the website and are compatible with Apple and Android operating systems, as well as a few others.

If you only have a few minutes a day to breathe or are too active to sit and watch a full match, don’t worry. You won’t miss out on all the action of Wimbledon 2021 with the help of our application.

Wimbledon Men 2021

After last year’s competition was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are chomping at the bit to return to the world’s most famous tennis tournament. The competition for Wimbledon Men in 2021 will surely be some of the fiercest ever seen.

This year’s matches are set to start at the end of June. The first round will run from June 28, 2021, to June 29, 2021. The second round is set for the following two days and the third round the two days after that.

Things become exciting at the beginning of July with the Round of 16 on July 5, 2021, and the Quarterfinals from July 6, 2021, to July 7, 2021. The Women’s semifinal is slated for 08.07.21 with the Men playing on the following day. Championship matches will be played from July 10, 2021to July 11, 2021.

It’ll be essential to keep an eye on qualifying matches in the week before the first round. Whichever match or matches you choose to gamble on, expect a high-level of play at every interval.

Wimbledon Men 2021 Betting Predictions

With all of this in mind, you may be ready to get into the action. Luckily for you, 10CRIC has contacted some of the best tennis prediction experts in the business. The following is a list of our Wimbledon Men predictions for 2021 tournament play.

Perhaps the most asked question any gambling site might get as it relates to Wimbledon is, of course: who is going to win it all? While no one can see the future, we have enough information at our disposal to make an incredibly educated guess.

On most sites, the player with the best odds to win it all by far is Novak Djokovic. Fresh off a win in the Men’s singles category in 2019 he will be looking for more of the same this time around. However, our pick for Wimbledon 2021 champion is Spanish leftie, Rafael Nadal.

Nadal is one of the premier players in the sport of tennis. Period. He has a championship pedigree that’s hard to match and a winning spirit that will undoubtedly be amplified by the lack of a shot at the 2020 title. His odds are significantly lower than Djokovic’s on most sites, making him a value pick to win it all.

Outside of these two titans, we are also keeping an eye on a few underdog players. Two names that come to mind are Greek up-and-comer Stefanos Tsitsipas and Australian phenom Dominic Thiem.

Tsitsipas is an interesting pick for a few reasons: mainly his age and recent victories. He also has gone on record stating a desire to play against and beat Nadal. Thiem has had a stellar last few years professionally and is currently ranked number three in the world. Look for him to try and make a jump towards titan status this summer.

Wimbledon Men 2021 Players

This spring has some great tennis competitions already scheduled. All of them lead up to Wimbledon, so definitely keep an eye out for top performers in the Australian, French and US Opens.

The common names of Djokovic, Federer and Nadal will be near or at the top of these competitions. That being said, 2021 will be the year of the underdog.

As these legends continue to age, some of the most exciting talent tennis has ever seen will be ready to take their places. In addition to the names we’ve mentioned, Medvedev and Zverev are also near the top of most odds tables.

The Wimbledon Men players this year will be trying to cement their names in the history books. As a punter and tennis fan, make sure you stay on top of current trends and news on the subject.

With COVID-19 still raging across many parts of the world, travel restrictions and illness might end up playing a role in whoever hoists that coveted trophy in the summer. Your picks for various wagers may depend more on health than it does skill.

Whether this is your first time betting with 10CRIC, betting on Wimbledon Men players in general, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, expect this year’s competition to be some of the most vicious ever.

10CRIC is just as ready as you are to get into the action. With play starting in just a few short months, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an account with us and get a handle on our system. However you choose to play, research is critical to success.