10CRIC Best Tennis Betting Site In India

Are you an avid tennis fan who loves nothing more than to bet on all the exciting action on Wimbledon or the other majors? Want to try your luck on the best odds online? Just visit 10CRIC, the website with the best tennis betting odds in India!

A popular bookie focused on the Indian market, 10CRIC is a betting site that offers genuine tennis betting action. When you’re looking for a bookie, we bet you need a legal betting site with great odds. 10CRIC covers both and also features live tennis betting which, for those unaware, it is a much better option than betting on pre-match odds.

There are many reasons why you need to register at 10CRIC. First and foremost, it’s a properly regulated bookie (eCuracao Gaming license) and comes with a long list of sports to bet on. Tennis is among the most popular sports at the site, with a wide range of events and tournaments to wager on.

Here’s why 10CRIC is your ultimate tennis betting destination:

  • Offers a variety of tennis events
  • Great bonuses and sport-specific promotions
  • Accepts Rupees and Bitcoin
  • Safe and secure site thanks to 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Features the most convenient payment methods in India and fast & secure withdrawals
  • Bet at the top pre-match, outright, and live odds
  • Special promotions for major tennis tournaments
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Specially designed mobile app for Android and iOS

Become a member of 10CRIC’s family to claim a stunning welcome bonus you can spend on the best tennis betting odds in India. Bet regularly to ‘unlock’ even more promotions and bonuses and get premium tennis offers.

Mobile Tennis Betting – 10CRIC Betting App

10CRIC’s mobile betting app has been specially designed for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app copies the site’s layout and design to give you a streamlined experience on smaller screens.

If you’re wondering why you should bet on your mobile, the answer is easy – convenience. We’re all ‘slaves’ to our mobile phones nowadays, mindlessly scrolling our social media profiles or playing games. Why not use it for something a bit more exciting? You can use the 10CRIC app to follow your favorite tennis matches and not miss a second of the action.

Whenever a major tournament takes place, you can simply whip out your phone and get straight into the action. Don’t miss a second of action of that enticing Federer-Nadal match – you can view all the statistics and bet on the match live directly from the mobile app.

Mobile betting certainly has a long list of advantages and is plenty of fun when you use such a well-designed app as 10CRIC’s. Download and install it now and bet on tennis anytime and anywhere.

Why Is 10CRIC the Best Tennis Betting Site in India?

There aren’t that many bookies that accept Rupees and offer their services to Indian punters. Even if you find one such sportsbook, it might be missing features or worst, it may be illegal. You don’t have to look for the perfect bookie anymore – 10CRIC is your ultimate tennis betting partner.

A modern and advanced betting site with odds on all popular sports, 10CRIC is among the best tennis betting sites in India. It sports a simple and elegant theme and you’ll find an equally great sportsbook ‘under the hood’.

A safe and secure betting site with plenty of payment methods, all your deposits and withdrawals will stay safe from prying eyes. You have a variety of betting options at your disposal paired with regular tournaments where you can make some extra cash. That’s before you even get to the live betting platform that gives you even more options to bet on.

The bookie welcomes positive and negative feedback from its clients. It uses said feedback to constantly improve the site and add popular features that should draw even more punters to the site.

Here’s what makes 10CRIC the best tennis betting site in India:

  • The team constantly improves the user experience to give you the ultimate tennis betting experience
  • You can bet on tennis (and all other sports) with Rupees, bypassing unnecessary currency conversion fees
  • Choose from a wide range of convenient payment methods
  • Use Bitcoin to make anonymous and lightning-fast transactions
  • 10CRIC has the best betting odds on the most interesting tennis tournaments from all over the world

Constantly Updating the UX for the Best Tennis Betting on the Internet

As mentioned, 10CRIC takes customer feedback very seriously and builds upon it. The team behind it works hard to deliver an almost sublime UX for the best online tennis betting.

Due to this, you get a great betting platform with top odds on all the tennis matches you can bet on. To make things even more interesting, 10CRIC features a variety of tennis promotions that can boost your bankroll and make that major you love even more exciting.

You Can Bet on Tennis with Rupees

Betting on tennis with Rupees isn’t available at all betting sites, but luckily, 10CRIC provides it. By betting with Rupees, you will avoid the pesky transaction fees we all hate so much. Why bet with Euros or Dollars when you can use your native currency?

This is one of the biggest advantages of 10CRIC and the reason why so many Indian punters love it.

Convenient Payment Methods – Fast and Easy Withdraw and Deposit

Another reason why 10CRIC is so popular in India is the fact that it allows fast and easy deposits and withdrawals via a range of payment methods. You can use your personal credit or debit card or enter the brave new age of digital payments with e-wallets and Bitcoin.

You don’t have to worry about security – 10CRIC guarantees the safety of your personal data. You’ll be able to withdraw your winnings quickly and in a secure manner while benefiting from a large number of payment methods.

Most Interesting Tennis Events

There’s no point betting on tennis if a bookie doesn’t feature the biggest of them all. 10CRIC is home to hundreds of tennis matches including the most prestigious ones – the four Grand Slams.

From Australian Open in January to the last Slam of the season (US Open) in August/September, you can bet on a wide array of matches and the top tennis stars in the world. There are plenty of options to bet on and as you will see for yourself, tennis betting can be quite rewarding.

Best Betting Odds in India

Do you need the best tennis betting odds in India? Well 10CRIC is the perfect place for you! Here you can find amazing odds for: ATP Cup, Wimblendon, US Open

With 10CRIC, you can be sure you’re always betting on today’s tennis odds in India. The bookie offers the best tennis betting odds on Wimbledon and many other tournaments as well as the best live tennis odds online.

Types of Tennis Betting that 10CRIC India Provides

Just like in football or cricket, for example, the most popular odds when it comes to tennis are outrights. However, you shouldn’t stick to it only. In fact, tennis is a sport with a variety of markets you should definitely explore before you put your money down.

Pre-match tennis odds are widely popular at 10CRIC, but don’t expect great odds when betting on Federer, Nadal or Djokovic – there’s a reason why they’re among the best players in the history of the sport.

Live betting is also available and adds plenty of value to tennis betting odds since there are numerous options at your disposal. You can bet on nearly every statistic you’ll find in a match – from aces and unforced errors to games and sets, the white sport certainly doesn’t lack betting options.

Tennis Tournaments in 2022

10CRIC gives you the opportunity to bet on all the most important tennis tournaments in 2022, including the Grand Slams, Masters Series, Davis Cup, Billie Jean King Cup, ATP Finals, WTA Finals, and even some low-level events like the Challenger and Future tourneys.

We start the year in the scorching Australian heat, bringing you action from the first major event of the year in Melbourne. After the Australian Open, you can bet on the first couple of Masters of the season in Indian Wells and Miami and other high-level tournaments such as the one in Dubai.

Come springtime — it’s the clay-court season, and all focus shifts towards Europe. Monte Carlo, Madrid, and Rome all lead up to the greatest show on red clay, Roland-Garros.

After just a couple of weeks’ break, we move to grass and await Wimbledon, the most prestigious tennis tournament of them all.

From there, it’s a quick summertime break before going to North America, where the Rogers Cup and Cincinnati greet the best male and female tennis stars ahead of the US Open.

At the season’s finish, we explore the best tennis nations in the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup, cover the last two Masters of the year in Shanghai and Paris, and await the top eight players at the ATP and WTA Cup.

You can place a bet on these and many other tournaments in 2022 on 10CRIC.com. Apart from betting on individual matches, you should check out our Outrights section, where we post early futures odds for Grand Slams and other big tournaments.

Tennis Betting Predictions in 2022

Tennis is more competitive than ever, particularly in men’s play. Some of the older players are clinging on to the top, but it seems the youngsters are finally gaining ground.

This makes giving a foolproof tennis prediction in 2022 a rather tricky task. When it comes to the Grand Slams, names like Djokovic and Nadal will always be among the favourites to win. However, Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, and teenage sensation Carlos Alcaraz should not be overlooked.

Still, the youngsters have been much more successful in Masters tournaments than in Grand Slams. We also need to consider the fact that Djokovic and Nadal are chasing each other’s records in terms of major titles, so they’re not going to give up on the throne just yet. Of course, don't forget about Federer and Murray, who are making one last push before retirement.

On the WTA Tour, things are even more unpredictable. The 21-year-old Iga Swiatek seems to be a rising star and is having a phenomenal couple of years. No other players seem to be as consistent as Iga at the moment.

Naomi Osaka and Emma Raducanu are kind of on the downslope, which means that practically any two girls can make the finals. Where there’s unpredictability, there’s a chance for you to score a profit. Just check out our WTA outright odds and see if you can predict a winner of a major.

What Is Pre-Match Tennis Betting?

Pre-match tennis betting odds aren’t any different from pre-match football odds, for example. With this type of bet, you’re predicting who wins the match. When you bet on Federer to win vs. Nadal, you will get your money if the Swiss maestro ends up triumphant.

It’s a straightforward type of bet that doesn’t require specific knowledge to understand. As such, it’s a favourite among new punters who are still learning how to bet on tennis.

What Is Live Tennis Betting?

If you love betting on tennis, then you must try live betting. If there’s a sport where in-play betting really comes to life, it’s live betting. Tennis is a fast sport where things could change in a second. It’s also a very demanding sport, so even the biggest tennis stars have to work hard to retain their leads and often endure matches that last for hours.

With so many statistics, you can bet on everything in a tennis match. If the pre-match odds on a super-derby don’t excite you, you’ll find much better value with live odds. 10CRIC offers the absolute best live tennis odds in the industry which is why we highly recommend it.

Plus, live betting is simply so much more fun.

What Is Outright Tennis Betting?

Betting on tennis outrights is quite a popular type of bet especially during the Slam season. It means you’re betting on one of the favourites on offer to win a tournament. Whether it’s Federer for the upcoming Australian Open, Djokovic for Wimbledon or any of the young guns for another tournament, outright betting is in a league of its own.

Whatever you do, avoid betting on Rafael Nadal for the French Open – you’ll get next to nothing in return.

Responsible Betting

10CRIC wants all its customers to have fun and enjoy betting in a safe and secure environment. The bookie is well aware of the dangers of gambling and provides all punters with a helpful guide on how to enjoy betting instead of seeing it as a way of income.

If you believe that your habit is slowly taking control over your life, don’t hesitate to contact 10CRIC’s customer support team. The team is more than happy to help you in times of need no questions asked.

History of Tennis

The history of tennis is rather long and full of exciting details. It is believed that the game we call tennis today originated in northern France in the 12th century when the players struck the ball with the palm of their hand rather than a racket. Some called it “jeu de paume”, which translates to “game of the palm”.

People began using rackets somewhere around the 16th century, and the game became known as tennis, which originated from the French “tenez”, meaning “hold”.

The origins of the modern game date back to the mid-19th century. People credited for inventing modern tennis are two sportsmen called Harry Gem and Augurio Perera. In 1874, British army officer Walter Clopton Wingfield remodified the game and significantly contributed to its popularisation. This was also when the first tennis tournament took place in Birmingham.

Three years later, in 1877, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club held the first championship at Wimbledon. At the same time, the game of tennis moved across the Atlantic and reached the United States, where the first American National Championship took place in 1880.

One year later, the first US Open was held in Newport, Rhode Island. The French Open and Australian Open launched in 1891 and 1905, respectively. The first Davis Cup, which only consisted of a battle between the United States and Great Britain, began in 1900 and was later expanded to include other countries.

Tennis was part of the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, but it was removed from the programme in 1924. The sport returned to the Games in 1988 in Seoul.

For much of tennis history, this was an amateur sport. Professionals existed, but they were not allowed to compete in major tournaments. This changed in 1968 when Grand Slams agreed to host professionals, marking the beginning of the Open Era.

Tips for Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport that can make you a lot of money if you know what you’re doing. That said, here are some tips for tennis betting to keep in mind the next time you’re making a tennis wager here at 10CRIC:

  • Follow tennis throughout the year. The best way to predict what happens in a tennis match or tournament is to be familiar with participating players, their health and form, surface, weather, draw, rankings, and all other factors. If you’re an avid tennis follower, making the right tennis bet will be much easier.
  • Don’t push it with accumulator bets. Acca bets can be really exciting and result in a potentially massive profit. However, they are rarely successful. This isn’t to say you should never try your luck on tennis accumulators, but at least consider limiting the number of your selections. Instead of making a long-shot 10-leg acca, go for the 3-leg one.
  • Explore live tennis betting options. Tennis is one of the most thrilling sports for in-play betting. It gives you a chance to make money quickly, as you can bet on even the smallest segments of the match, like who wins the next point. Other attractive in-play tennis betting options include guessing the number of games in the current set, will the current game end with a break, and more.
  • Shop for the best odds and bonuses. Luckily, this tip doesn’t involve you doing much, as you are currently on 10CRIC — an online sportsbook that features the best odds and bonuses for tennis betting.