Surfing Odds & Betting

The exciting world of competitive surfing is far more vast than many people think it is. As much as the laid back image is synonymous with surfing, so to is the wetsuit warrior in the top athletic form riding waves to score big with the judges.

You’ll find major professional competitions all over the world. With many countries’ travel restrictions beginning to lighten up in 2021, many will be chomping at the bit to get back out there. A sport as high-intensity as this is a natural draw for gamblers and thrill-seekers.

The Indian gambling community is ready for another full year of professional surfing action; many parts of this community prefer our well-developed and easy-to-navigate sportsbook - 10CRIC when it comes to surfing betting.

We offer the best surfing odds on the Internet and provide features like bonuses for every major tournament to bolster the experience. Read below to find out how we can help you have the best time possible with surfing betting this year. We’ll include tips from surfing experts and a guide to our mobile application.

Surfing Betting Odds

Before jumping into the sportsbook and placing a bet, you’ll want to know the types of betting odds offered for surfing at 10CRIC. The three most popular odds types to understand our pregame, outright, and live to bet.

Pregame, surfing betting odds refer to bets that are placed before an event has even begun. These are your standard bets, with outcomes ranging from individual heat winners to the highest total score. We recommend pregame betting for those who have a little bit of higher knowledge of surfing than the amateur; you’ll need to know what you’re looking for before the event begins.

Outright surfing betting odds refer to those that select the overall winner of an entire tournament, event or league. These odds can shift throughout, and you’re allowed to place them even after the tournament has begun.

We recommend outright bets for just about everyone; they’re especially fun for the novice gambler, as placing a small outright bet on your favourite surfer can help you get the hang of the betting world.

Live surfing 2021 betting odds are fast-paced and exciting, making them perfect for sports like surfing. The idea is that you can place a wager while an event is happening. This way, you can see who is doing well and who isn’t before putting your hard-earned money down.

We recommend live betting for those that can sit and watch the entirety of an event because of how volatile these odds can be. Also, timing is critical to huge payouts, so luck plays a role as well. Live odds can be the ideal pick for the novice and the veteran alike.

10CRIC Surfing Betting App

Although gambling is more engaging when you’re able to sit and enjoy the entirety of a surfing event, we at 10CRIC understand how unrealistic this may be. People are on the go more than ever, and as such, the 10CRIC betting app helps make your leisure time even more efficient.

Also, as surfing is an internationally recognised sport, some competitions may happen during the day when you can’t take the time to research all betting options. Our application is a perfect surfing app for betting purposes. You’ll be able to place deposits, withdraw winnings and access all parts of your account directly from the application itself.

Placing a bet is incredibly simple and only takes a couple of seconds; upon logging in, the app will automatically present you with the day’s events. One-click brings up the bet slip, and another can place your stake. Using notifications and live tracking for events can make even the busiest bettor a big winner.

You’ll be able to access the 10CRIC app from both Apple and Android devices. Both download links are on our website under the ‘Download App’ page. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to enable the option to ‘Trust’ our site under ‘Device Management’ for it to work.

Likewise, Android users will need to activate their device’s ability to accept downloads from sources deemed ‘Unknown’. Using the app allows you to access all of the traditionally available features and bonuses you can find on the desktop view.

Surfing Betting Promotions

To make getting into the surfing betting action even easier, 10CRIC offers a wide selection of lucrative bonuses and promotional opportunities. You’ll find deals related to the most significant sports leagues or events currently happening. Keep an eye out closer to summer when surfing events are held more frequently for surfing-specific deals.

The following two deposit bonuses can be used in addition to our surfing promotions when the time comes. These deals, including our welcome bonus, may not always be available in the form outlined below. We’re continuously updating our promotions and bonuses to keep the 10CRIC betting experience fresh. Some examples of sport-specific deals we’ve run in the past include cashback and free bet opportunities during major tournaments.

The first deposit bonus you can use for surfing betting is our welcome bonus. This deal will match your first deposit for 100% after signing up at 10CRIC. This deal has a minimum deposit requirement of ₹1,000 to unlock and award you with a maximum bonus amount of ₹10,000. You must spend this bonus amount 12x on events with an odds of at least 1.60.

The second deposit deal is our Astropay Bonus. When you deposit with AstroPay, between ₹1,000 and ₹2,000, you’ll have your deposit matched 100% again. Use these deals and surfing promotions during the summer to get a competitive edge.

Surfing 2021

Surfing at the competitive and professional level is scored on a scale of 0-10. Each surfer’s ‘run’ or session out on the waves is judged by a panel. Some of the factors that determine a surfer’s overall score include style, speed, flow, innovation and variety. The larger the competition you’re watching is, the more grouped up surfers will become.

Typically, an event will run a few male and female heats so that everyone has an opportunity to catch the best waves. Some of the most popular ways to bet on surfing include outright tournament bets. As surfing competitions are long-winded, it's much more difficult to bet on the outcomes of individual runs.

Many prefer to place outrights, which require you to choose the overall winner. Another popular betting market for surfing is head to head, which pit the scores of two individual surfers against one another. You’ll also find various random or ‘novelty’ markets depending on the tournament itself.

Surfing Events 2021

Surfing is done at a competitive level all over the world. That being said, the three biggest surfing events are the Summer Olympics, the Triple Crown of Surfing, and the World Surf League. Each of these events is full of some of the best surfing action from the sport’s top competitors.

The Summer Olympics: Surfing will be completely new at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. It was initially slated for a 2020 debut, but the coronavirus pandemic prevented it from happening. Luckily, there aren’t any signs of removing it from the 2021 version of the Olympic Games.

The Triple Crown of Surfing: The Triple Crown of Surfing is an annual event held in Hawaii that began in 1983. Each of the three main events, during this festival of surfing, take place on a different beach. The competition spans from November to December every year.

World Surf League: The World Surf League is the major organisation responsible for ranking the top male and female athletes every year. It contains at least ten events for both men’s and women’s divisions that take place across the globe, from France to Bali. These tournaments dot the calendar, starting in mid-spring and running through to the end of the year.

Surfing Betting Predictions

Now that you know about the largest competitive surfing tournaments and events slated for 2021, you’re ready to get betting. To help make this even easier, we’ve reached out to the best surfing predictions experts in the business. They’ve given us some insight and their surfing tips for the upcoming year of action. Read below to see what they said, but remember that they’re only predictions. Go with your gut, and good luck!

The Summer Olympics: The Olympics in 2021 will be the first time to showcase the world’s best surfing talent on such a prestigious stage. The Olympics will contain 40 athletes total — 20 of each gender. They’ll run in 30-minute heats and move onto a head-to-head model following the third round of surfing. The best names out of those that have qualified are Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore and John John Florence.

World Surf League: Our pick for the winner of the men’s division in the World Surf League is Brazil’s, Gabriel Medina. He’s shown great consistency early in competitions during the 2021 campaign. For the women’s side of things, we pick Hawaii’s, Carissa Moore. She’s been dominant out of the gate thus far, with no other surfer coming close on the WSF leaderboard.

The Triple Crown of Surfing: For the Triple Crown of Surfing, we’re once again going to break up our picks into men’s and women’s categories. For the men’s side of things, we like Griffin Colapinto. He’s had great success at this event in the past, having won it in 2017. For women’s, we’re also going to pick Hall-of-Famer Carissa Moore. She won the event in 2020 during the first all-digital variation of the competition due to the coronavirus.