Rugby Union Odds & Betting

Rugby Union is one of the two primary rugby codes. It's been adopted all over the world for many of the sport's largest international tournaments. Unlike its rugby league counterpart, union games feature 15-player teams instead of 13. This leads to larger and more thrilling matches for bettors and fans alike.

Indian sports fans everywhere can look forward to many high-stakes Rugby Union events in 2021. With the world's top teams taking part in these events, we're excited to provide you with the best betting information for the season.

At 10CRIC, we offer the latest Rugby Union odds to help you make the best wagers possible. Combined with a range of limited-time sports promotions, you can easily find the perfect bets, specials and statistics to suit your preference.

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Rugby Union Betting Odds

Rugby Union is one of the most competitive sports thanks to its various high-level tournaments. For example, prestigious events like the International Rugby World Cup use the union code. Since only the best players and countries compete at this level, Rugby Union matches are challenging to consistently and accurately predict.

Another factor that makes Rugby Union betting difficult is the small number of participants. International tournament rosters usually only range from four to 20 countries. Many teams have also already been victorious in previous seasons. This makes it hard to narrow down a single top pick. Our 10CRIC Rugby Union betting odds provide detailed ratios to inform you of the current most favoured teams:

  • Pre-game Rugby Union betting odds: Enhance your bets by using our pre-game odds at 10CRIC. Use these stats to stay up to date on the favoured outcomes of games before they happen.
  • Outright Rugby Rugby Union betting odds: These odds show you the most likely team to finish first place in a tournament. Check our site frequently, as these numbers change as more matches are played during the event.
  • Live Rugby Union 2021 betting odds: The best way to bet on Rugby Union games is to use our live bet options. At 10CRIC, we let you track the odds as the game progresses and adjust your wager at any time.

All the latest Rugby Union 2021 Betting odds are available on 10CRIC. We provide you with accurate ratios for all matches and bet types. Visit our site to check the odds for any current or upcoming games you'd like to wager on. We also offer a complete schedule of upcoming tournaments.

10CRIC Rugby Union Betting App

The 10CRIC betting app is the best way to place your Rugby Union bets. Our mobile experience functions just like our desktop site; finding your way around is just as straightforward. We've also moved all our signature features to the app for your convenience.

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You can only download our Rugby Union app directly from the our site. We've provided a helpful page full of useful tips and videos to guide you through the installation process. Both Android and iOS devices are currently supported. This procedure ensures that you receive our official and completely secure app.

You can download the App for Android and iOS here!

One of our app's best features is its complete live betting support. You can bet on each Rugby Union game thanks to this. Any ongoing matches can be bet on live, directly from the app. You can also conveniently track the real-time odds and adjust your wager no matter where you are.

Rugby Union 2021 Betting Promotions

At 10CRIC, we've put together a comprehensive promotions page to offer bonuses for any preference. No matter your betting habits or favoured sports, there's a special for you at 10CRIC. We also make sure to provide limited-time promotions for the latest Rugby Union events. Visit our site to claim extra betting credit just for making deposits. You can use any bonus you receive to boost your Rugby Union betting experience.

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The promotions mentioned here are only available at the time of writing. Many of our specials are limited to the duration of sports events. Make sure to check our site regularly, so you don't miss out on the latest bonuses.

Rugby Union 2021

Rugby Union is played all over the world by clubs and nations alike. Many countries have strong national teams alongside many impressive local clubs. The 2021 season includes tournaments for both provincial and international players. No matter your preference, you can keep track of the odds and predictions for all events at 10CRIC.

Most of the top rugby-playing countries have their own club championships. England's Premiership Rugby began in November and is set to continue well into 2021. The Top League in Japan is one of the newest Rugby Union events. It looks to provide a unique and refreshing tournament for fans and bettors to enjoy.

Most of England's strongest teams participate in the Premiership. The Bristol Bears are the current top prediction to take home the victory. Their dominant performance in the first 15 games has secured them a solid lead over the other clubs.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has led to multiple cancelled events, many are looking to make a return. These include provincial tournaments like South Africa's Currie Cup and Australia's National Rugby Championship. As two of the countries with the strongest rugby teams and players, fans are looking forward to these events. We could easily see them returning towards the end of 2021.

Rugby Union Betting Predictions

With so many prestigious, upcoming Rugby Union tournaments in 2021, it can be challenging to find all the information you need for betting. That's why we decided to contact the best rugby experts and hear about their top Rugby Union predictions. Ongoing events like Premiership Rugby and the Top League include many impressive clubs. You can use our exclusive information to make the best possible wagers on these highly competitive events:

  • Which team will win the Rugby Union? - Currently leading England's Rugby Union Premiership are the Bristol Bears. While teams like the Exeter Chiefs don't fall far behind, no other club has matched the Bears' impressive performance so far. The Sale Sharks are another team to watch that have replicated the Chief's strong season start to land in third place.
  • Who will be the Rugby Union top scorer? - Sam Simmonds from the Exeter Chiefs is the most popular top scorer prediction. This is thanks to his incredible try total of 14, putting him well above the closest competitor. Many fans are hoping he can pull the Chiefs ahead of the leading Bears.
  • Who will be the Rugby Union MVP? - Despite ending up in fourth place so far, the Harlequin Football Club's Marcus Smith has a commanding lead in overall points. His consistent performance makes him a favourite for the MVP of 2021. A recent Man of the Match award during his international debut only strengthened the predictions centred around him.

These Rugby Union tips will help you pick from the many available choices for your bet. At 10CRIC, we want to make your rugby betting experience as enjoyable as possible. Our expert statistics and information can assist you in making an informed and accurate prediction.

Rugby Union Teams

With so many events postponed during 2021, fans and bettors have flocked to England's Premiership Rugby tournament. This prestigious competition began in 1987, making it a relatively new entry into the professional Rugby Union scene. Regardless, it has become the top provincial-level event for England's rugby players.

At 10CRIC, we've analysed the top teams to bring you a complete overview of which clubs you should watch. The Exeter Chiefs return as champions from the previous season to fierce competition. Despite their convincing victory last year, other clubs like the Bristol Bears have quickly risen to the top. Fans can expect to see thrilling and close games between the teams.

In the number one spot are the Bristol Bears. While their long history has seen few significant achievements, they've recently begun pushing for a Premiership Victory. In 2020, they won their first European Rugby Challenge Cup and qualified for the Premiership, where they quickly shot up in the rankings.

The Exeter Chiefs are the 2021 season's defending champions and second in the rankings, right behind the Bears. An impressive season start saw them win 10 of their first 15 games. Many fans are hoping to see them take a second consecutive victory this year.

Tied with the Chiefs are the Sale Sharks with an equally impressive start to the tournament. Although recent seasons have seen them finish outside the top five teams, they’ve still favoured thanks to two previous Premiership wins.

The Leicester Tigers hold the Premiership win record, with 10 victories. A long history of regular first and second-place finishes came to an end in the last three years. Despite not qualifying for recent Premierships, they still have a chance to return to their former strength.

All these Rugby Union teams have a chance to take home the prize. Of the 12 participating clubs, eight of them already hold previous Premiership titles. This provides bettors and fans with thrilling games and challenging predictions.