NRL Rugby League Odds & Betting

The NRL (National Rugby League) hosts one of the most famous rugby tournaments in the world. It boasts a rich history stretching back to its start in 1908, making it the premier event for the sport in Australia. The competition sees the top 16 teams from all over Australia and New Zealand compete for the sought-after Provan-Summons trophy. As it uses the Rugby League code, it exists alongside the Super League as the most prestigious tournament for league clubs. Matches are frequently very competitive due to the high level of the players. This makes for a thrilling tournament for spectators and punters alike.

Indian rugby fans can expect non-stop exciting games from the NRL, where teams like the Melbourne Storms are looking for consecutive victories. If you want to bet on any of these tight matches, it's crucial to know the latest Rugby League odds. At 10CRIC, we provide all the essential features to give you a smooth Rugby League 2021 betting experience. Our user-orientated site is designed with convenience and usability in mind, and we offer a range of generous promotions. Today, visit us for a comprehensive look at the schedule, odds, and available bets for the NRL Rugby League.

Rugby League 2021 Betting Odds

There are many NRL Rugby League 2021 Betting odds you should consider. Only 13 players per team are allowed due to the unique league tournament code. Games also feature many more scrums than the Rugby Union code. This means that only the best players can compete, and the ball is typically in play for much longer than union games.

Events are more competitive as a result, with individual players being able to affect the match more easily. When betting on the NRL, the odds are very important because of these factors. There are three key bettings odds you should look at before placing Rugby League wagers.

  • Pre-game Rugby League odds: If you want to put your prediction skills to the test, then pre-game bets are for you. The odds show the chances of each team winning, losing, or drawing before the match has begun.
  • Outright rugby Rugby League odds: You can also place outright bets on the overall winner of the NRL. Check 10CRIC to discover each team's chances to win the tournament.
  • Live Rugby League 2021 odds: One of the most popular ways to play is live betting. This lets you watch the odds change in real-time and adjust your bet accordingly.

The range of betting odds can be confusing at first if you're new to Rugby League betting. We recommend checking out our comprehensive statistics at 10CRIC. Here you can find the most relevant odds for your bet.

10CRIC Rugby League Betting App

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Rugby League 2021 Betting Promotions

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NRL Rugby League 2021

The NRL Rugby League 2021 kicked off on March 11 and looks to be the most intense tournament yet. As one of the few sports events to continue through the COVID-19 pandemic, fans can still look forward to regular games. The event uses a single-group system instead of dividing the teams into divisions. This allows all teams to compete against each other and provides many interesting matchups.

With 16 of the strongest clubs competing, the competition is of the highest level. The Melbourne Storms return as the defending champions and are looking to win their fifth premiership. Another leading team are the South Sydney Rabbitohs. They hold the overall win record with 21 victories. Indian rugby fans will be watching closely to see if they can regain their status at the top of the league.

Besides the Storms and Rabbitohs, many other teams all have a strong chance to claim a victory. Some of the top underdog predictions include the Penrith Panthers and the Gold Coast Titans, two of the tournament's newest clubs. Of course, consistently strong teams like the Sydney Roosters are also favoured to take home the prize.

Rugby League Betting Predictions

At 10CRIC, we're always looking to provide you with the latest Rugby League tips and predictions to help you make the most favourable bets. We've reached out to some of the best sports experts for their opinions on the NRL Rugby League 2021. They've shared with us their top predictions for many of the most popular questions and bets.

Which team will be the NRL Rugby League 2021 winning champion? The Penrith Panthers are the current favourite to win the Rugby League this year. A host of tough new players has revived the team and given it a fresh start. They are looking to take the tournament by storm and have won their opening four matches back-to-back.

Who will be the top scorer? Adam Reynolds from the Rabbitohs is the most popular choice for top scorer due to his lead in both goals and overall points. While he only has a handful of tries, his expertise in two of the three categories makes him a favourite. Other top performers include Brett Morris of the Roosters and Ryan Papenhuyzen from the Storm.

Who will be the MVP? The prestigious Dally M medal is awarded to the NRL's player of the year, voted on by rugby league commentators. The Storm's Cameron Munster looks to be a fan-favourite for this year's top player. Harry Grant, another Storm player, is also in the running for the club's MVP.

Only two of the 16 competing teams, the Gold Coast Titans and New Zealand Warriors, have never won a premiership. With so many strong options for NRL Rugby League predictions, it can be challenging to settle on one pick. Our exclusive expert intel can help you make the best choice when placing a Rugby League bet.

Rugby League Teams

Every team involved in the NRL Rugby League has the chance to grab a victory. Some of these clubs have been around since the tournament's beginnings in 1908. Many have years of experience alongside multiple Rugby League wins. From long-running rivalries to new players, many factors at play could lead to some stunning performances.

You can expect all the Rugby League teams to bring their A-game to this event. In particular, the Sydney Roosters are looking to reclaim the premiership from reigning champions the Melbourne Storms, who ended their previous two-win streak.

With a healthy mix of veterans players and new blood, the NRL Rugby League 2021 teams look very evenly matched. We've picked a few to break down that stand out from the rest, either due to their impressive history or refreshing performance.

  • South Sydney Rabbitohs: The Rabbitohs are the best performing clubs in the NRL Rugby League's history with 111 NRLseasons and a record 21 premierships. Fierce competition in recent years has led to many other teams contesting the top spot as their last victory was back in 2014.
  • Sydney Roosters: The Roosters are the most experienced team in the Rugby League with a record of 113 seasons. They also hold the second most tournament wins with 15, putting them alongside the Rabbitohs as one of the two most popular clubs.
  • Melbourne Storm: One of the newer teams in the Rugby League, the Storm first participated in 1998. Featuring many new players and fresh tactics, they return to the NRL Rugby League 2021 to defend their 2020 title.
  • Penrith Panthers: A long history of disappointing seasons has only spurred on Panthers. The opening rounds of the NRL Rugby League 2021 saw the team win their first four consecutive games, making them a favourite for this year's champions.
  • Gold Coast Titans: We always like to keep an eye on the newest teams with the highest chances to shake up the tournament. As they’ve only been around since 2007, the Titans are looking to prove themselves in a sea of established clubs.