How to Use Visa Card in 10CRIC India?

As one of the world's most popular forms of paying, Visa is, of course, available as one of your 10CRIC payment method options. Using Visa India residents can successfully deposit at 10CRIC and enjoy a smooth online sports betting and casino gaming experience, and then withdraw using Visa for quickly collecting winnings.

How does 10CRIC work as a Visa betting site India based members can use and how does depositing and withdrawing using a Visa card actually work? You're in the right place to learn everything you need to know, including:

How to use Visa on 10CRIC India?

How to Deposit with a Visa in 10CRIC? How to Withdraw with Visa?

What is Visa?

Advantages of Visa Convenience
Credit Ability Visa Security
Visa FAQ

Ensuring your transactions are safe and secure is a top priority at 10CRIC, which is why we've taken the time to create guides like this one. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about the Visa payment method, so you can deposit and withdraw using this method in complete confidence, for more enjoyable sports betting and casino gaming experience.

How to Deposit with Visa in 10CRIC?

The process of making a deposit with Visa is very simple and straightforward. Here we take you to step by step through that process, so you know exactly what to expect:

1. Log in: Make sure you are logged in at the 10CRIC website

2. Click Deposit: At the top of the page towards the right you'll see a yellow button that says Deposit. Click the button to open the payment options.

3. Choose Visa: In the payment options on the left, click the option that says Visa

4. Enter Amount: In the box, enter how much in INR you would like to deposit

5. Deposit to: The next option asks you to choose where you'd like your deposit to go. Choose Sportsbook or Casino.

6. Enter Bonus Code: In this box, enter any bonus code you may have, such as for a Welcome Bonus or Reload Bonus

Your Visa deposit will then be processed immediately, with your requested funds being added to your Sportsbook or Casino balance. Once those funds appear in your balance, you can then bet on sports and play casino games with your newly deposited funds.

How to Withdraw with Visa in 10CRIC?

When you're ready to cash out your winnings, the process to withdraw with Visa is just as simple as it is to make a deposit with this payment method. Follow the steps below that will guide you through the process from start to finish:

  1. Log in: Make sure you're logged in at 10CRIC
  2. Click Balance: At the top of the screen towards the right you'll see your Balance. Click the Balance link to open your available options.
  3. Click Withdraw: In the options displayed on the left, find the option for Withdraw and click it.
  4. Choose Visa: In the withdrawal options of the left, click the one for Visa
  5. Enter Amount: In the box, enter how much in INR you would like to withdraw
  6. Click Withdraw: Simply click the withdraw button to proceed with the withdrawal process

The withdrawal of funds from 10CRIC to your Visa card is almost immediate, which you can check by logging in on your card provider's site if you have that option. Bear in mind that any uncleared bonuses you have must be cleared first before making a withdrawal, so check the T&Cs regarding your bonus before proceeding with your withdrawal.

What is Visa?

Visa is the second-largest card payment provider in the world and a popular choice in India for making payments both online and offline. It has a very sturdy reputation, thanks in part to its history, having been in operation since 1958. Visa card payments are accepted in every country and at all popular online retailers, including online sports betting and casino gaming sites.

Visa uses industry-leading secure technology, with 3D Secure Authentication employed to protect sensitive transaction data, and a 24/7 security system in place to prevent hackers. Visa offers two types of payment methods: debit cards and credit cards. Visa debit cards are often provided by your bank and allow you to make payments that come directly out of your bank balance. Visa credit cards, on the other hand, are used to make payments on the basis of a credit allowance, usually given by an organisation other than your bank. Both types are accepted here at 10CRIC, allowing you to deposit and withdraw securely.

Advantages of Visa in 10CRIC India

So what are the advantages of using Visa as a payment method for your deposits and withdrawals at 10CRIC? Let's take a closer look at what makes Visa an excellent choice:


Let's face it, not much beats a payment method that's accepted almost everywhere in the world! Wherever you go, you'll find that familiar Visa logo in shop windows and at online retailers, as well as sports betting and casino gaming sites like 10CRIC. Whether you prefer to deposit on the 10CRIC website or using our iOS and Android compatible 10CRIC App, you'll find the process fast and very simple. And getting your hands on your winnings using Visa at 10CRIC is equally quick and easy, with your funds withdrawn back to your Visa card almost immediately.

Credit Availability

As mentioned before, Visa offers two types of cards: debit and credit cards. Since Visa debit cards are linked directly to your bank account, you can only use your card to spend funds that you have available in your bank account (unless you have an overdraft facility with your bank). However, with the Visa credit card, you can take advantage of any credit you may have, allowing you to use this credit facility to place sports bets and play casino games online. This is a popular option for members who want to keep their everyday banking and their online betting and gaming activity separate.

Visa Security

Visa is renowned worldwide for employing strict security measures to protect the sensitive transaction and personal details of its card users. 3D Secure Authentication is used as an additional form of security to protect online payments. Visa's transactions are processed via one or more or four secure data centres in locations across the globe, making hacks and data breaches virtually impossible. At 10CRIC, we only accept 3D Secure Authentication type Visa cards as an additional security measure. We also have our own security and authentication measures in place, including verification protocols, to ensure our members' safety when depositing and withdrawing online.

Play in your own currency

One of the biggest perks specifically for India residents of depositing and withdrawing here at 10CRIC using Visa is the fact that you can do so in your own currency of Indian Rupees. Having to work out which payment method is best in terms of currency conversion rates at other sites just creates a negative experience when you should be having fun. At 10CRIC, you can deposit in INR using a Visa card, bet on sports and play casino games in INR, then withdraw your winnings back to your Visa card in INR too, without a single cent, penny or Euro to get in your way!

These are just a few of the top reasons why Visa is such a popular choice for making deposits and withdrawals at 10CRIC, particularly when it comes to those residing in India. This is one payment option that makes it incredibly quick and easy to deposit and withdraw, while still maintaining excellent levels of security, and allowing you to bet and play in Rupees. Perfect!

Visa FAQ

10CRIC team is ready to help you with all of your questions about our convenient payment methods. These are several of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I pay with rupees with Visa?

Yes, payments in INR are possible. 10CRIC is accepting deposits and withdrawals in rupees for your convenience.

Can I Withdraw my winnings to my Visa Account?

Yes, winnings to Visa accounts are possible. These are the WD limits (no limit on the no of WDs submitted, as long as there are funds in the player’s account)

INR 1000 - 8000
USD 10 - 100

Is there a limit to the deposit?

Yes, the deposit limits are the below

INR 300 – 20,000
USD 10 - 280

What If I Face Problems While Depositing Money with Visa?

If you have any problem with your deposit or withdraw, please contact our support centre. Our experienced agents will gladly help you with all problems and issues.