How to Use Mastercard Card for Betting in 10CRIC India?

Ranking as one of the most popular ways to pay in the world, Mastercard is one of the accepted payment methods at 10CRIC. Using Mastercard India residents can make a deposit at 10CRIC and fund their account to bet on sports and play casino games. That makes 10CRIC a top Mastercard betting site, which India residents can safely use to enjoy sports betting and casino gaming.

If you're wondering how to make deposits and withdrawals with this popular 10CRIC payment method, you're in the right place to learn more! Read on for more about…

How to use MasterCard on 10CRIC India?

How to Deposit with a Mastercard in 10CRIC? How to Withdraw with Mastercard?

What is MasterCard?

Advantages Convenience
Credit Ability Security
Play with Rupees MasterCard FAQ

Mastercard is a trusted payment method, both online and offline, making it a good choice for payments at 10CRIC. In addition to the security measures in place by Mastercard, there are also various measures to protect your sensitive transaction data in place by 10CRIC. That means your money and confidential information is safe at 10CRIC.

How to Deposit with Mastercard in 10CRIC?

Making a deposit with a Mastercard at 10CRIC is quick and easy. Here's a look at the steps you need to follow in order to successfully make a deposit at 10CRIC using Mastercard:

1. Log in: Enter your username and password to log in at the 10CRIC betting and casino website

2. Click Deposit: At the top of the page towards the right you'll see a yellow button that says Deposit. Click the button to open the payment options.

3. Choose Mastercard: In the payment options on the left, click the option that says Mastercard

4. Enter Amount: In the box, enter how much in INR you would like to deposit

5. Deposit to: The next option asks you to choose where you'd like your deposit to go. Choose Sportsbook or Casino.

6. Enter Bonus Code: In this box, enter any bonus code you may have, such as for a Welcome Bonus or Reload Bonus

Your deposit will then be processed, with the deposited amount appearing in your 10CRIC account balance almost instantly. You can then use these deposited funds to bet on sports and play casino games.

How to Withdraw with Mastercard in 10CRIC?

When you're ready to cash out your sports betting or casino winnings, you can choose to withdraw with Mastercard, which is just as quick and easy as making a deposit with Mastercard. Here's a step-by-step guide to withdrawing with Mastercard:

  1. Log in: Use your username and password to log in at 10CRIC
  2. Click Balance: At the top of the screen towards the right you'll see your Balance. Click the Balance link to open your available options.
  3. Click Withdraw: In the options displayed on the left, find the option for Withdraw and click it.
  4. Choose Mastercard: In the withdrawal options on the left, click the one for Mastercard
  5. Enter Amount: In the box, enter how much in INR you would like to withdraw
  6. Click Withdraw: Simply click the withdraw button to proceed with the withdrawal process

Your withdrawal will then be processed and your funds should be transferred to your Mastercard successfully. If you experience any issues making a withdrawal using your Mastercard, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team, who will be only too happy to assist you.

What is Mastercard?

Mastercard is a payment method used by millions worldwide. Most often seen as a debit or credit card, Mastercard is accepted in every country around the world and by millions of online retailers too. Established as the Interbank Card Association back in 1966 with headquarters (ironically) in Purchase, New York, it has become a trusted name in online and offline payment processing.

Mastercard is known for offering high-level security to protect the transactions of its users, with an extra layer of security provided in the form of its SecureCode service. SecureCode is used to double-check the identity of the card user, particularly for online payments, to ensure only the registered cardholder can use the Mastercard. Available card options with Mastercard are Debit and Credit cards. Mastercard debit cards are generally issued by your bank and allow you to pay for goods and services using funds from your bank balance. Mastercard credit cards are issued by credit institutions, giving you the ability to pay for goods and services using a line of credit rather than available funds. You'll be pleased to know that both types of Mastercard are accepted at 10CRIC.

Advantages of Mastercard in 10CRIC India

So why should you choose Mastercard as a payment method over other available options at 10CRIC? Here's a look at some of the best reasons to use Mastercard:


Mastercard has had a long time to establish itself and encourage uptake around the world as a leading payment processor. It has partnered with thousands of financial institutions resulting in usage that exceeds that of Visa outside of the US! Just the simple fact that you can find the familiar orange and red joined circles logo pretty much anywhere you go, both online and offline, is enough to prove the convenience of this payment method. In addition to being accepted virtually everywhere, payments with Mastercard are almost instant and very easy. At 10CRIC you can deposit and withdraw quickly and easily with Mastercard, making it a great choice for India residents.

Credit Availability

Mastercard is the payment processor of choice for many banks around the world, but it is also the top choice for a large number of credit institutions too. Mastercard credit cards are popular with those looking to enjoy sports betting and casino gaming online, for a number of reasons. Using a Mastercard credit card is a good way to keep your everyday banking separate from your online sports betting and casino gaming activity. And of course, if you use your Mastercard credit card responsibly, you can improve your credit rating.


Mastercard has become world-renowned for how seriously it takes the security of the transactions it processes. They offer a 24/7 identity theft resolution service to all cardholders, so if you lose your card you can cancel it immediately and prevent your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. In addition, Mastercard employs a SecureCode measure as extra protection, ensuring only you as the cardholder can make payments online. Add to that the fact that 10CRIC uses its own high-level security measures to ensure your transaction details are secure and never shared, and you can trust that depositing and withdrawing using Mastercard at 10CRIC is completely safe.

Play in your own currency

Using Mastercard to deposit at 10CRIC allows you to keep everything in your own currency of Indian Rupees. This is great news for those residing in India as it means you don't have to work out currency conversion rates to make sure you aren't losing too much money in the conversion process, as you may have to do on other online sports betting and casino gaming sites. 10CRIC is a top choice for anyone living in India who wants to use their Mastercard to bet on sports and play casino games in Rupees!

As you can see, Mastercard is a top choice for making deposits and withdrawals at 10CRIC. It's a fast and easy way to pay that's trusted by millions, including those in India. It allows you to bet on sports and play casino games on credit if you have a Mastercard credit card. Its security is top-notch and you can play your favourite games and bet on all the top sports in Indian Rupees when you use it to deposit at 10CRIC.

Mastercard FAQ

10CRIC team is ready to help you with all of your questions about our convenient payment methods. These are several of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I pay with rupees with Mastercard on 10CRIC India?

Yes, payments in INR are possible. As one of the leading sports betting and online casino sites, 10CRIC is accepting payments in Indian currency without currency exchange rates.

Can I Withdraw my winnings to my Mastercard Account?

Yes, winnings to Mastercard account are possible. These are the WD limits (no limit on the no of WDs submitted, as long as there are funds in the player’s account)

INR 1000 - 8000
USD 10 - 100

Is there a limit to the deposit in 10CRIC?

Yes, the deposit limits are the below

INR 300 – 20,000
USD 10 - 280

What If I Face Problems While Depositing Money with Mastercard?

Players are always first on 10CRIC India. That's why we are providing 24/7 customer support with trained professionals, that can help you with any questions or issues that can occur. If you face problems while depositing or withdrawing your funds, don`t hesitate and contact us!