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eZeeWallet is a fast-growing online payment service provider that allows you to make and receive online payments without having to reveal any of your sensitive banking information to third parties.

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10CRIC is an eZeeWallet casino and sportsbook, in that you can use the modern online payment service provider eZeeWallet to deposit to and withdraw from your account. That means you can add funds to your account at 10CRIC, play our huge range of online casinos games, bet on the biggest sports events from India and abroad, and withdraw your winnings, all quickly, easily and securely using a payment method you can trust.

eZeeWallet betting is fast becoming one of the most popular and easily accessible forms of entertainment in both India and overseas, largely due to the fact that the eZeeWallet payment process is simple and straightforward. Accepted at a growing number of online locations and allowing funding using various popular methods in your own currency of rupees, eZeeWallet has revolutionised the online gambling industry for Indian players.

Here you'll learn more about eZeeWallet, including step by step guides for depositing and withdrawing using this payment method at 10CRIC, and the advantages of choosing eZeeWallet over other options.

How to Deposit with eZeeWallet in 10CRIC?

Making a deposit with eZeeWallet is very simple at 10CRIC, allowing you to quickly and easily upload funds to your account so you can enjoy the vast array of online casino games and sports betting opportunities that 10CRIC has become famous for.

Here's how to deposit using eZeeWallet at 10CRIC:

Ezeewallet Deposit Step 1

1. Log in at 10CRIC: Use your username and password to log into your 10CRIC account

2. Visit the Cashier: Click the Deposit link at the top of the page once you've logged into your 10CRIC account to go to the Cashier

Ezeewallet Deposit Step 2

3. Choose eZeeWallet: Click on the eZeeWallet option from the list of available payment methods

4. Enter deposit details: Type in how much you'd like to deposit and where you want the funds to be deposited to (ie. sportsbook or casino)

Ezeewallet Deposit Step 3

5. Log in to eZeeWallet: You'll then be redirected to the eZeeWallet site to log in and confirm your deposit details

6. Click Complete Purchase: Click the Complete Purchase button on the eZeeWallet site to proceed with the deposit to 10CRIC

Once you've completed the steps above, your deposited amount will appear in your balance at 10CRIC instantly. You can then use your deposited funds to explore our slots, table and live dealer games and bet on a huge range of sports.

How to Withdraw with eZeeWallet in 10CRIC?

You'll be pleased to know that the process to withdraw with eZeeWallet is just as simple and straightforward as depositing. That means you can get your hands on your casino or sports betting winnings and send them back to your eZeeWallet account quickly and easily in just a few short steps.

Here is how to withdraw funds from your 10CRIC account to eZeeWallet:

  1. Log in at 10CRIC: Enter your username and password to log into your 10CRIC account
  2. Click Balance: Once you've logged into your account, look for your balance at the top right of the page and click the link
  3. Click Withdraw: A popup will open with a variety of options in the menu to the left. Click on the link to Withdraw.
  4. Click eZeeWallet: On the Withdraw page, you'll see a list of available payment methods for making your withdrawal. Click on the eZeeWallet option to select it.
  5. Enter withdrawal amount: Type how much you'd like to withdraw in rupees into the box provided
  6. Click to withdraw: Check the amount you wish to withdraw on the green button is correct, then click it to complete the withdrawal process.

Once done, the requested amount will be deducted from your 10CRIC balance and sent to your eZeeWallet account instantly.

What is eZeeWallet?

eZeewallet online payment method

eZeeWallet is one of the most popular online payment methods in India due to the fact that it's quick and easy to use. Opening an eZeeWallet account is fast and fuss-free, you can add funds to your eZeeWallet account using a variety of popular methods and using it to pay for things online is quick and safe.

Unlike other online payment service providers that only allow you to manage your funds in foreign currencies, eZeeWallet is particularly attractive to Indian customers in that you can upload, pay and transfer funds all in your own currency of rupees. That means you can avoid the hassles of working out foreign currency conversions, as well as the costs of conversion fees.

What makes eZeeWallet even more attractive is the fact that you can add funds to your 10CRIC account and withdraw your winnings instantly, with no fees and no waiting times!

Advantages of eZeeWallet in 10CRIC India

So why should you choose to use online payment service provider eZeeWallet over other payment methods offered to Indian residents? Here we'll take you through four key benefits of eZeeWallet over other options, especially when it comes to online gambling at 10CRIC.

- Convenience: eZeeWallet offers an efficient and streamlined way of making payments with minimal fuss. Once you've added funds to your eZeeWallet account, you can use it just like a traditional wallet, but for shopping online or playing casino games and betting on sports at 10CRIC. With the option of paying for things on your desktop, laptop or mobile devices, eZeeWallet is your perfect payment companion for all your online purchases.

- Credit Availability: eZeeWallet is great for adding your own funds to the digital wallet app and using them to pay for things online, but you can also use eZeeWallet as an extension of your existing credit. Simply by uploading funds with your existing credit card, you can enjoy the benefits of extra cash as arranged by your bank or credit card provider, without having to part with any sensitive details.

- Security: Even though online payment methods have been around for many years now, lots of people still feel anxious when it comes to the question of security. When it comes to eZeeWallet, adding funds to your account is done using the same high-level security that your own bank and card services use, making it completely safe. Once you've added funds to your account, using your eZeeWallet digital wallet app to pay for things will never result in your sensitive payment information being revealed to any third parties. In addition, thanks to cutting edge authentication features, you are the only one who can access and use your eZeeWallet account, so your money is completely safe at all times.

- Play in your own currency: One of the best benefits of using eZeeWallet is the fact that you can upload, pay for things and withdraw money all in your own currency of rupees. This particular feature of eZeeWallet makes it perfect for adding funds to your 10CRIC account for playing casino games and betting on sports in rupees. And once you've had some fun, you can get those winnings in rupees too!

eZeeWallet offers a streamlined way of being able to pay for things online. Partner this leading online payment service provider with 10CRIC and you'll have a safe, fast and convenient way to add funds to your 10CRIC account, so you can play our huge range of slots, table games and live dealer games, bet on the best sports action in India, and withdraw your winnings, all in an instant and your own currency.

Join the thousands of other Indian residents who are recognising the benefits of eZeeWallet, from its security features and accepted payment options such as debit and credit cards, UPI and Net Banking, to its mobile availability and instant payment processing. Open your free eZeeWallet account today and use it to fund a superior casino gaming and sports betting experience at 10CRIC!

eZeeWallet FAQ

How quickly can I start playing if I deposit via eZeeWallet?

Immediately, crediting time of successful deposits is less than a minute. However, you need to make sure your account is funded beforehand to save time on your deposit process and make the best of your experience with 10cric.

Will I be able to claim welcome bonuses if I deposit via eZeeWallet?

Absolutely, welcome bonus offers can be used with eZeeWallet. Keep an eye open for our promotional offers and campaigns here.

Can I pay with rupees with eZeeWallet?

Yes, deposits to 10cric in INR are accepted and an eZeeWallet account can be opened in INR currency as well. Wallet top-ups are available via local methods as well such as NetBanking, UPI and Rupay, starting from 1,000 up to 70,000 INR per top-up transaction. Login to your eZeeWallet account to have access to all methods as offered by the provider.

Can I Withdraw my winnings to my eZeeWallet Account?

Yes, players can request a withdrawal of funds back to their wallet account, by our terms and conditions. Once withdrawn to your eZeeWallet account, the provider offers bank transfer as a withdrawal method.

Is there a limit to the deposit?

There is a minimum amount per transaction of 1,000 INR up to 100,000 INR per deposit transaction. There are no other limitations on our side however providers might impose volume limits as per account status and terms. For more information, please check the information visible in your account with them.