How to Use AstroPay in 10CRIC India?

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AstroPay is a popular 10CRIC payment method. It's used by many people from India who want a fast and easy way to deposit and withdraw to their favourite online casino and sports betting site. But what is AstroPay and how does it work? Is AstroPay India friendly in that you can deposit and withdraw in rupees? What is an AstroPay card and how do you use it? You're likely wondering about these questions and more but don't worry, you will find all the answers right here on this page. Here's some of what you can expect to learn about this increasingly popular online payment method:

All the information you need about AstroPay, from opening an account to withdrawing your 10CRIC winnings, is given in full detail right here, so read on to get started.

How to Deposit with AstroPay in 10CRIC?

Depositing to your 10CRIC sports or casino balance with AstroPay is very easy. Simply follow the steps below to add funds to your 10CRIC account using AstroPay:

1. Log in at 10CRIC: Log in at the 10CRIC website with your username and password as usual

  1. Click Deposit: Once you've logged in, look at the top of the page for a line of links, including Deposit, Transfer, Balance, etc. and click on Deposit

2. Select AstroPay: Once the deposit window opens, look for the AstroPay deposit option in the column on the left and click on it

  1. Enter deposit amount
  2. Choose where to deposit: Click the drop-down menu and select where you'd like your deposit to go: Sportsbook or Casino
  3. Enter bonus code: If you have a bonus code, enter it in the box, otherwise, skip this step and continue to the next step
  4. Click deposit button

3. Add Your Astropay Card: If you don`t have AstroPay card click here to see how to get one.

That's it. Your deposit will be made and the amount will be added to your Sportsbook or Casino balance, ready for your next bet!

What is AstroPay?

AstroPay is one of the fastest developing payment methods in India. Working with one of the market best, AstroPay is becoming one of the preferred methods. You can use AstroPay with:

  • GPay - Google`s best and most easy to use digital wallet
  • Jiomoney
  • Freecharge
  • Airtel
  • UPI - Unified Payments Interface
  • MobiKwik
  • PhonePe
  • INB - Indian Net Banking

AstroPay is an online method of paying for things. This banking method offers instant deposits and withdrawals, making transactions as quick and easy as possible. AstroPay is accepted as a payment method by a growing number of online websites and services, including 10CRIC! With its ability to provide safe, secure and anonymous transactions, AstroPay is quickly becoming the banking method of choice for smart online customers. What makes AstroPay particularly convenient for residents of India is the fact that you can use it to pay for things in your own currency. This means there's no need to worry about converting to different currencies and losing money in the process. AstroPay is also very easy to start using in that you can create an account in just a few quick and easy steps. Plus, you can use it anywhere, so team it up with 10CRIC: download 10CRIC App and enjoy deposits, gameplay and withdrawals in rupees, no matter where you are! Read on for more advantages of AstroPay at 10CRIC.

How to Withdraw with AstroPay in 10CRIC?

Withdrawing your 10CRIC winnings with AstroPay is just as easy as depositing. Follow these simple steps to withdraw your winnings from 10CRIC to AstroPay:


Log in at 10CRIC: Log in at the 10CRIC website with your username and password as usual.


Click Balance: Once you've logged in, look at the top of the page for a line of links, including Deposit, Transfer, Balance, etc. and click on Balance.


Click Withdraw: Once the balance popup opens, look for the Withdraw link in the menu on the left and click on it.


Click AstroPay: Once the withdraw window opens, look for the AstroPay withdraw option in the column on the left and click on it.


Enter withdrawal amount: Type in how much you'd like to withdraw in rupees in the Amount box.


Click withdraw button: When you've entered the amount you wish to withdraw, check the amount is correct on the green button and click it to make the withdrawal.

Done. Your withdrawal amount will be deducted from your 10CRIC balance and sent to your AstroPay account.

How to set up an AstroPay Account?

Setting up an AstroPay account is a very simple process. Just follow the steps below that guide you through the process of downloading the AstroPay App and registering an account:


Download AstroPay App: Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for AstroPay Card, then click to download and install the app to your mobile phone.


Sign Up: Once the AstroPay App has been successfully installed on your mobile phone, open the app and select Sign Up to register a new account.


Enter mobile number: You will then be asked to enter your mobile phone number in the box shown.


Enter activation code: AstroPay will then send an activation code to the mobile phone number you entered, which you need to enter into the box shown, before clicking the Done button.


Set password: Choose and re-enter a password for your new AstroPay account in the boxes shown.


Add Promotional Code 10CRIC: In the Promotional Code box, enter 10CRIC.


Choose AstroPay Card: Select INR currency then the value card you would like to buy.


Choose payment method: Select a suitable payment method from the list of options and click Accept on the next page.


Verify identity: You'll then be asked to validate your identity by uploading a photo of your passport and identity card.


Use your AstroPay Card: Once your identity has been verified, you can then use your AstroPay Card to deposit and withdraw at 10CRIC.

For More Information Please Check AstroPay - 10CRIC Partnership Page

How will I get my AstroPay Card?

How will I get my AstroPay Card?

The AstroPay Card is not actually a physical card, so you will not receive anything in the mail. Although the image of the card gives the impression it is a real card, it is actually just a virtual card. What's referred to as the AstroPay Card is simply a visual representation and name for this convenient payment method. Once you complete the process of registering a new account as described above, you will have an account that allows you to buy and use virtual AstroPay Cards of different values to deposit and withdraw online. As the AstroPay Card is virtual and for online use, it is available for you to use as soon as you've registered an account and your identity has been verified, with no need to wait for anything physical to arrive.

Advantages of AstroPay in 10CRIC India

Let's take a closer look at the big benefits of using AstroPay for 10CRIC members:

  • Instant Deposits
  • Why should you wait for your money to become available? Despite improved technology, some payment service providers make you wait before you can use your money. With AstroPay this is not an issue. If you have an AstroPay Card, it's because you have added funds to your AstroPay account. One of the big benefits of AstroPay is they make your uploaded funds available for instant depositing. So depositing at 10CRIC with AstroPay is as quick and easy as choosing your amount and hitting that deposit button. Funds are added to your 10CRIC balance instantly!

  • Astropay Security
  • AstroPay is the number one choice for many people who want tight security when it comes to their online transactions. Protecting your money and privacy is a top priority for AstroPay and they take great care in making sure the latest technology works for you, not against you. Strong encryption and authentication mean your transactions are secure, making depositing and withdrawing at 10CRIC completely safe when you choose to do so with AstroPay. Remember too that 10CRIC has its own security measures in place to safeguard your sensitive data, so you're doubly protected!

  • Flexible Limits
  • Whether you want to deposit or withdraw a small amount or a larger amount, AstroPay has the flexibility to meet your needs. The limits on deposits and withdrawals imposed by AstroPay are flexible and can be discussed by contacting them directly. In terms of depositing and withdrawing using AstroPay at 10CRIC, there are limits, with a minimum of ₹500 and a maximum of ₹7,00,000. In combination, AstroPay and 10CRIC work perfectly to give you great flexibility in deciding how much or how little you want to bet and play with.

  • Deposit in Rupees with Astropay
  • As you may have discovered, many online casinos do not accept Indian rupees as a currency, whether that's for playing or depositing and withdrawing. This is hugely inconvenient, of course, but AstroPay helps the situation, allowing you to deposit and withdraw in your own currency. Remember that gameplay at 10CRIC is even more convenient thanks to the ability to actually play in rupees too. So when you combine rupee-friendly online casino 10CRIC with rupee-friendly payment method AstroPay, you get deposits, gameplay and withdrawals all in rupees. That means no need to worry about losing money through currency conversion fees!

  • Confidentiality
  • Online casino gaming and sports betting can be a sensitive subject. Not everyone wants their information freely available for all to see. Many people are concerned about the steps are taken to protect confidential information and maintain privacy. Thankfully, the anonymous nature of AstroPay means none of your sensitive data is accessible and your privacy is respected and protected. This allows you to safely deposit and withdraw as little or as much as you like without fear of confidential information being leaked or shared with third parties. 10CRIC is equally committed to protecting your privacy, so you can be extra sure your data will remain confidential with both AstroPay and 10CRIC.

AstroPay FAQ

Your experience here at 10CRIC should be a positive and enjoyable one, and that includes your transactions. The 10CRIC team is always available to help you with any questions you may have. Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions about using AstroPay.

Can I pay with rupees with AstroPay?

Astropay cards are denominated in INR hence clients can pay in INR with no conversion on them. Another advantage is that purchasing the Astropay card is completely free for the client, the only fee he may pay should be generating from his bank.

Can I Withdraw my winnings to an AstroPay Card?

Yes, winnings can be withdrawn to a new Astropay card, that should be issued in real-time, once we approve the client’s withdrawal request.

The card should be received in the Client’s mobile app [It’s very important for clients to register with Astropay APP the same phone number as in his 10CRIC account (and a valid one!)]

If the client does not have the mobile app installed, he has 24 hours to download it, otherwise, the card will be cancelled and funds will bounce back to us.

Astropay Withdrawal limits:

USD 5-10,000

INR 500-700,000

EUR 5- 10,000

Is there a limit to the deposit?

You're free to deposit any amount from ₹500 to ₹7,00,000 at 10CRIC using AstroPay.

Astropay Deposit limits:

USD 5 – 10,000

INR 500 – 700,000

EUR – 5-10,000

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