10CRIC India Online Payment Methods - Withdraw and Deposits

Every year sports betting and online casino games have become more and more popular in India. With the growing popularity of online betting and gaming websites, it’s even harder to choose the best sports bookmaker or casino-provider. This is especially valid for security and online payments. When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, players definitely seek ones that provide flexibility and safety, and are easy to use online. 10CRIC is specialized in providing extreamly convinient online payment methods and high-end security!

Payment Methods Minimum Deposit Deposit
Net Banking 1000 Deposit Deposit
VISA 1000 Deposit Deposit
MasterCard 1000 Deposit Deposit
Astropay 500 Deposit Deposit
Neteller 1000 Deposit Deposit
eZeewallet 1000 Deposit Deposit
EcoPayz 1000 Deposit Deposit
Crypto currency 1200 Deposit Deposit

*10CRIC does not charge any fees on your depsits. If there is any fee applied to your deposit will be either from your issuing bank or the payment provider itself.

In this short deposit and withdraw guide you will find information about:

Online Payment Methods in India general information

Payment Methods Information Quick Withdraw & Deposit 10CRIC Payment Methods

10CRIC Deposit and Withdraw Methods

Credit or Debit Cards Astropay
Neteller Paytm
eZeeWallet Bitcoin

Why the convenient online payment methods, deposit and withdraws are important?

Funding your online betting account is a crucial factor for casino and sports betting. You need to be sure your online account is funded securely and safely. There are many viable payment methods available in India, and 10CRIC’s online payment methods are among the most secure ones, protected by high-grade online encryption. Of course, there are the usual credit and debit cards like MasterCard and Visa, along with the alternative digital wallets Neteller India.

With online cricket betting gaining in popularity in India and globally, 10CRIC payment methods provide fast and safe money transfer systems with all the most commonplace options available in India. 10CRIC as a world-class, leading bookmaker, provides all of the most convenient sports and casino payment methods. You can count on safety, security, and fast, expedited withdrawals. Depositing at 10CRIC is a very straightforward and straightforward process, and once you sign up and open an online account, you can withdraw and deposit in a quick and convenient manner.

Just go to www.10CRIC.com and open an account, or browse the FAQ section here to learn more about the cricket-betting online community.

Sportsbook and casino payment methods in India have come a long way in recent years, and 10CRIC banking methods are ahead of the curve with innovative and modern options. The website is fully geared to provide a smooth online payment experience with no hitches, and with clear instructions that guide you through the entire payment process. Of course, you will need to verify your online account beforehand. That will ensure there are no hiccups or delays.

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Can you make a Quick Withdraw & Deposit for Live Betting at 10CRIC?

When you are playing at the 10CRIC’s online casino or when betting on cricket or any other sport, you want to be sure your deposit arrives quickly so you can place your bets immediately, especially if you are using in-play live betting, where every second counts. The speed of online deposits and withdraws in India, along with the simplicity of use, means 10CRIC is the ideal betting site, whether for sports or casino betting.

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What Online Payment Methods 10CRIC India have?

The right choice is of paramount importance as every person has different preferences and requirements. That is why 10CRIC has endeavoured to please all players with the best online casino or sports betting deposits for India. Each 10CRIC payment feature has its own particulate advantages and unique benefits.

Alternatively, you can use cryptocurrency Bitcoin for complete anonymity and instant transactions. You can use a credit/debit card, or the popular e-wallets. You get localised options which are convenient for all the Indians including IMPS via Jeton Wallet, and AstroPay prepaid cards and EcoPayz as well.

For the Indian bettors, all the following 10CRIC payment options are available:

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Can you deposit or withdraw via Credit or Debit Cards from 10CRIC India?

Card Payment Methods

10CRIC payment methods include credit and debit cards, which have been around for ages and are still extremely popular and widely used today. There are many credit card companies, but the most common worldwide and also in India, are Visa and Mastercard. Their reputation is rock-solid and secure, and most on and offline traders do accept MasterCard and Visa. Perhaps this is why they are so popular; a broad acceptance means you can use them for many other purchases other than online betting. These cards have their own intrinsic 3D security features, a two-factor authentication, SMS codes sent to your mobile for verification, prior to the transfer being effected. Additionally, 10CRIC uses additional security features like SSL encryption for full data protection.

Find out our full guide for MasterCard Payment Method in 10CRIC India

also, you can check our guide for Visa Payment Method

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Deposit and Withdraw with Astropay in India

Astropay’s story began in the UK but nowadays it is fair to say it’s making waves all around the financial world, turning into a global brand. Ranked by Forbes in Top 15 of the Global Fintech Companies in 2015, Astropay has been on the rise for the last five years, establishing as an innovative, reliable and secure payment method.

So what’s the fuss about then? The Astropay card is a pre-paid card you can pay, withdraw and transfer money with – what’s more, it all happens in your local currency in the blink of an eye. And since in the world of sports betting and online casino it’s all about quick and safe transactions, it comes as no surprise that Astropay India is becoming a really popular 10CRIC payment method more and more players are taking full advantage of. An end-to-end crypto authentication makes sure every transaction is as secure and trustworthy as it gets, with over 185 million payments made via Astropay up until today.

Adding Astropay to 10CRIC’s already wide range of online payment methods gives all players another reliable option to benefit from and enhances their betting and gaming experience..

Can you deposit or withdraw in 10CRIC with Astropay?

Yes, you can deposit and withdraw in rupees. In order to deposit via Astropay, you have to select Astropay Card as your deposit method of preference and then enter the 16-digit number of your card (if you don’t have a card already, you can get one at www.astropay.com). You also need to provide the security code as well as the expiration code of the virtual card. Once you confirm the deposit operation, the amount of money you’ve selected will be instantly transferred to your account.

As far as withdrawing via Astropay is concerned, 10CRIC will issue every customer a new Astropay card for the same value of the requested withdrawal. Example: if the requested withdrawal amount is ₹500, the customer will get a new Astropay card for the same value. Important: the unique account identifier used by Astropay is the client’s phone number which must be the same, and valid, both for the 10CRIC and for the Astropay APP accounts. The clients must have the app installed on their phone because an online account is not enough in this case. If the customer doesn't download the app within the next 24 hours, the card will then be cancelled and the amount will be returned.

Find out more information about AstroPay Payment Method in 10CRIC India

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Deposit and Withdraw with Neteller in India

Netteller payment methods

Neteller has become the premier e-wallet in India and worldwide. Founded in 1999, and available in many languages and currencies including INR, Neteller has steadily made inroads to become the number one e-wallet. Neteller is owned and operated by English company Paysafe Group. Neteller is now one of the most popular ways to effect online casino deposits in India.

Neteller India’s hallmarks are quality, speed and convenience. Once you set up your account with Neteller India, you can transfer funds to and from your bank account, as well as making online payments. That means you can transfer funds to your Neteller account from your bank account or another source, and transfer the funds directly to your casino, sports betting account at 10CRIC.

Neteller began to process online casino and gambling payments and withdrawals as far back as July 2000. At one time, Neteller was handling over 85% of payments for all online casinos and betting sites in the world. Most of Neteller 's revenue comes from payments for 85% of the world's gambling merchants. 95% of the firm's revenue at that time was derived from fund transfers to online gaming casinos and sportsbooks, with over 50% of users based in the USA. That means Neteller India is experienced and a leader in online e-money transfers and the ideal method for online casino deposits India.

Can you deposit or withdraw in 10CRIC with Neteller?

Yes, most definitely. 10CRIC provides all the most convenient online payment methods, especially Neteller India. Once you sign up at 10CRIC, you can deposit funds instantaneously from your Neteller India account. Of course, if you don’t have one yet, you will have to set up a Neteller India account and verify it. Subsequently, a trial transaction worth a few rupees is made to confirm the system works well. After that, you can start transferring funds. There is usually a limit to how much you can transfer; however, once you send additional documents to prove your address and personal details, you can lift the ceiling and transfer as much as you like.

Over the last three years, Neteller India has morphed into one of the premier e-money transfer systems in India. With such a reputable and trusted company that has been in existence for almost 20 years, you know you will get fast, secure and safe transactions every time.

Find out more information about Neteller Payment Method in 10CRIC India

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Deposit and Withdraw with eZeeWallet in India

eZeeWallet is an online payments service provider that allows members to pay for things online safely and securely. What makes the eZee Wallet payment method so revolutionary for Indian residents is it finally allows you to use the online payment methods you're used to but that isn't accepted in many places to pay for a variety of things online.

Once you've signed up for a free account you can then make an eZee deposit using Net Banking, UPI or RuPay to load cash into your eZeeWallet, which can then be used to deposit at sites accepting eZeeWallet as a payment method, such as 10CRIC. And when it comes to getting your money, you can quickly and easily carry out an eZee withdraw request where accepted. Once you're ready, you can then withdraw funds from your eZeeWallet back to your bank.

eZeeWallet's operating company, eMerchantPay, has been enabling fast and secure online payments since 2002, with many country-specific branches now successfully operating worldwide, including in India. eZeeWallet is a particularly useful service for those residing in countries where certain online purchases using traditional payment methods aren't possible. Since your details are protected and never revealed at eZeeWallet, you're free to shop and enjoy casino gaming and sports betting in complete privacy, safety and security.

Can you deposit or withdraw in 10CRIC with eZeeWallet?

Yes, you can deposit and withdraw in Rupees using eZeeWallet at 10CRIC. And here is how:

  1. To deposit at 10CRIC with this online payment method, make sure you have opened an eZeeWallet account.
  2. At 10CRIC, select the eZee Wallet payment option in the cashier, then fill in how much you would like to deposit.
  3. You'll then be taken to the eZeeWallet site to sign in and complete your eZee deposit.
  4. Once complete, your newly deposited funds will be shown in your balance at 10CRIC.

The withdrawal process using eZeeWallet at 10CRIC is just as simple. In the cashier, select the eZeeWallet payment method option and enter how much you would like to withdraw. Fill in the required details and your eZee withdraw request will be processed and funds sent to your eZeeWallet account instantly. You can then use your withdrawn funds to shop online, make further deposits at 10CRIC or transfer it to your bank account.

eZeeWallet, like many other e-wallets, is a game-changer when it comes to enabling easy online casino gaming and sports betting without compromising on safety and security. Since sensitive data such as card and account numbers are never revealed during deposits or withdrawals, all your details are kept completely confidential no matter where you use eZeeWallet.

Find out more information about eZeeWallet Online Payment Method in 10CRIC India

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Paytm in India

Paytm is India’s one of the most popular payment method. It provides a comfortable and straightforward solution to your financial needs.

Making a Paytm Wallet Payment is virtually instant, especially with deposits and withdrawals from your bank account to the e-wallet. This is just one of the many reasons why it’s a favorite among Indian users. There are also no fees, and many stores and establishments accept it as a form of online payment.

Apart from making payments and buying goods, Paytm is gambling-friendly. You can now use its convenient services to pay for sports betting or play on casino sites. The transfer speed helps with placing wages at almost anytime you want.

Paytm games have many benefits that make the lives of players much more manageable. It’s a two-way payment provider, which is why we choose to use it. You can rest assured that your money is completely safe, and if you have any queries, customer services are ready to help.

If you’re not familiar with e-wallets, then don’t worry about using Paytm. Anyone can access the services and keep track of their money. The website and app are both user-friendly and have a license from the Republic of India’s Government.

Bitcoin Casino and Sports Betting

After that Reserve Bank of India confirms that there is no longer any banking ban on crypto exchanges. 10CRIC is glad to announce that we are accepting BTC, ETC and other cryptocurrencies.

Our advanced online payment method is one of the most secured and fast in India. You can easily play in our online casino and the sports betting part of the site.

We have prepared special surprises and extra bonuses for our Bitcoin users

Find out our full Bitcoin Casino Guide

And, also, check our Bitcoin Sports Betting Guide

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10CRIC Sports Betting and Casino Games: Amazing Rewards Await You

To win real money by enjoying a premium online betting experience, and stunning jackpots by spinning the reels, simply visit www.10CRIC.com and sign up! A wealth of bonuses and special promos is waiting on offer for you!

10CRIC always strives to provide casino fans with the latest and greatest online payment options for online casino deposits in India. From traditional credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, to leading e-wallets and prepaid cards. If you sign up with us, you are given the red carpet treatment with all the best of everything, including the most convenient 10CRIC payment methods to deposit and withdraw, available in India.

10CRIC will guide you with clear instructions on how to make successful deposit and quick withdrawal in a safe betting environment. The choice of sports betting options (especially the various of cricket betting markets), casino games and even live dealer, means that 10CRIC is well-equipped to please every player, no matter their playing and paying preferences.

Joins us today! We look forward to welcoming you to 10CRIC!

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