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You probably already knew that 10CRIC is your one true home for all things cricket and, more notably, IPL betting. But did you know that the reason for this is that we offer the best IPL odds in India?

We are aware that betting with less than ideal odds will cost you significantly over time, as even the slightest differences can add up to a hefty amount after a few months of active betting. However, all 10CRIC IPL odds are made as competitive as possible because our team knows our Indian punters deserve the very best.

We do this by:

  • Covering all IPL matches every day;
  • Ensuring our odds are always better than what players expect;
  • Making our odds above the competitors’ on the Indian online betting market;

As a result, whenever you take a look at today’s IPL match odds on our website, you’ll know you’re getting first-class betting odds! Moreover, the said odds are as high as they can be for all betting markets, which will ensure your potential winnings.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you all about our odds, how IPL odds work in general, and all the bits and pieces you may have missed. So, let’s jump right in!

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These IPL odds are applicable in the time of writing. For Live IPL odds please click here

IPL Betting Odds Explained

When a sportsbook creates its odds, the goal is to balance the action for both sides of the wager. Naturally, odds are still there to estimate the implied chance that an event will happen. The whole process is not hard to do, as it only requires a couple of easy calculations that sportsbooks do automatically.

What is difficult to pull off is to make these odds as best as they can be. That’s because basic calculations always lead to the same thing. The real art is to change them slightly from that default line, maintain the balance, but make them somewhat better for the punter.

Like we’ve said — these tiny differences may be negligible at first glance, but they add up to a lot of money over time! It’s precisely why the most experienced punters shop around for odds by checking several sportsbooks.

That’s also what we do with our own Indian Premier League odds. We make sure they accurately represent the probability of an event while also staying competitive. This way, you’ll get the chance to score the biggest possible winnings in the online betting industry!

The same holds true for our IPL 2022 odds, and it will stay true in the years to come!

Now that you know how 10CRIC works and why it always offers the best odds, it’s time to move on. So, let’s take a closer look at how decimal odds work, as these are the odds you’ll be using on 10CRIC.

IPL Odds in India

10CRIC uses decimal odds, just like all great cricket betting sites in India. But have you ever wondered how they work?

First of all, it’s important to mention that decimal odds are the easiest ones to understand, which is why so many countries use them. You only need to look at the numbers, and you can instantly spot the underdog and the favourite, unlike with American and fractional odds.

The number in decimal IPL odds effectively represents the total payout — if the odds are 1.5, that means the total payout is 1.5 x your stake. It’s as simple as that!

Example: For instance, in the IPL match between CSK and MI, the odds for CSK are 1.66, while the odds for MI are 1.93. This means that if you were to bet ₹100 on CSK to win, your payout would be 1.66 x ₹100 = ₹166. Alternatively, if you were to stay with MI, your total payout would be 1.93 x ₹100 = ₹193.

The math is simple to follow, as you’ll always know the exact amount of your payout if you win. You’ll also be able to tell what the chances of a team winning or any other event occurring are just by looking at the odds.

In other words, the lower the odds number, the higher the chance of winning. Following that logic, the higher the odds number, the lower the probability. So, in our example with CSK and MI, CSK has slightly higher chances of winning according to the odds.

IPLT20 Match Moneyline

Moneyline is the simplest bet a punter can place, and it’s the same as the win bet. You’re effectively wagering on who will be the winner of the today`s IPL match. Since these are the most common wagers punters tend to go for, you should know that we always make sure our IPL moneyline odds are the best on the Indian market.

Moneyline bets are often represented using American odds, also called moneyline odds, so let’s briefly explain how these work.

These odds are always represented using a 3-digit number or higher. The said number is either positive or negative. Here’s how that functions:

  • With a positive moneyline, the wager tells you how much a ₹100 stake will pay you;
  • With a negative moneyline, the wager tells you how much you need to stake to win ₹100.

So, for example, if the moneyline odds are -150, it means you need to bet ₹150 to win ₹100 + the ₹150 stake, a total of ₹250. On the other hand, if the moneyline odds are +150, it means you’ll win ₹150 if you stake ₹100, so once again, the total payout will be ₹250.

Keep in mind that on 10CRIC, you’ll still be able to place regular winner bets using the decimal odds system, like in the examples from the previous section.

Indian Premier League Live Odds

IPL live odds and all other live odds are effectively the same as regular odds — the only difference is that they are used in live betting.

We know that the fun doesn’t have to end as soon as a game starts, so you get live bets to prolong the thrill!

The exciting thing about these IPL odds is that they can change quickly and drastically, depending on what’s happening in the game. So, if you have ample knowledge of cricket, live bets are the perfect way to test your skills!

On top of that, live odds are far more exciting as you get to place bets you couldn’t otherwise. For example, you’ll get to choose from a selection of bets like:

  • Over/under 1st innings run - bet on the number of runs the batting team scores for every ball in the match.
  • Over/under 1st innings team runs - wager on the batting team going over or under a specific score.
  • 1st innings total sizes and total fours - place a bet on how many boundaries will get scored in the 1st innings.
  • Batsman runs - bet on how far a specific batter will go in all the innings, or in other words, the number of runs they’ll have.

These are just some of the opportunities you’ll have if you decide to place live bets on 10CRIC. In reality, you’ll always have a few dozen for any match!

Let’s not forget that live betting is ideal for mobile phones, as it’s all about fast action that leads to massive winnings. Therefore, live mobile betting is simple and easy on 10CRIC, as the site is well-designed and fully optimised for phones. Plus, we have apps for iOS and Android devices so everyone can enjoy the betting experience on the go.

IPL Winner Odds — Outright

IPL Odds — Who Are The Favourites to Win IPL 2022?

Outright IPL bets are similar to standard winner bets. However, here you’re betting on the winner of the whole competition instead of a single game.

Naturally, the most popular outright bets here on 10CRIC are IPL outrights because you get to bet on the winner of the whole season. It’s also why we always make sure to provide you with the most competitive IPL winner odds!

To understand better how these bets and their odds work, here’s an example from our own site — ICC T20 World Cup 2022.

Here are the current odds on offer for the top five teams that have the biggest chances of winning the tournament:

IPL Winner Odds 2022
Delhi Capitals 5.50
Mumbai Indians 6.00
Kolkata Knight Riders 7.50
Punjab Kings 7.50
Rajasthan Royals 7.50
Royal Challengers Bangalore 8.55
Gujarat Titans 9.05
Chennai Super Kings 10.00
Lucknow Super Giants 13.00
Sunrisers Hyderabad 34.00

Check the latest Outright odds for IPL 2022

So, if you were to bet, let’s say, ₹1,000 on India winning the World Cup, your chances will be the highest, as it’s the biggest favourite. You also stand to win a total of ₹4,000.

Naturally, you can bet on any other team, even the biggest underdogs of the whole cup, like Oman, where the odds are 3,000, or the Netherlands with 2,000. You can place these bets, but the chances of winning are incredibly low.

However, some find it exciting to place small bets on these near-impossible wagers as the potential payouts are astonishing. And if you lose, you’ll only lose a small amount. In the case of Oman, if you were to bet only ₹100, you would stand to win as much as ₹300,000!

Best IPL Rates for Fourth Consecutive Year at 10CRIC

With 10CRIC, you won’t only get the best IPL odds on the market, but you’ll also get the best rates for the fourth year in a row!

We’ve been here for our players for a long time, and we constantly strive to offer the best possible service thanks to a high-quality betting platform and a large number of popular payment methods in India.

We’ve made sure to cover the entire Indian Premier League every year and to offer the most competitive odds on the market. 10CRIC is doing the same this year so that you can go for some of the most lucrative IPL 2022 odds.

If we’ve got what you’re looking for, make sure you create a profile on the site, claim the massive welcome bonus or some of the many promotions we offer and start placing bets!

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