Ice Hockey Odds & Betting

Ice hockey is one of the most popular winter sports in the world. The ‘Big Six’ countries for professional hockey are Canada, Czech Republic, the United States, Russia, Finland and Sweden. Hockey combines elements of other major sports like football and field hockey with the dexterity-driven activity of skating.

Unlike other winter sports involving skates, ice hockey is a contact sport, making it quite exhilarating to watch. Some hockey games even have side fights, which many appreciate just as much as the actual competition. Overall, ice hockey is fascinating, unique and exciting to watch.

Needless to say, ice hockey betting is a hot topic (as it is every year). With leagues and tournaments spanning dozens of countries, there’s no shortage of action. India-based bettors usually prefer 10CRIC for its variety of ice hockey events and exclusive ice hockey betting deals on offer.

We provide internet-leading ice hockey odds as well as a myriad of bonuses and promotions to go along with every major event. Read below to find out how 10CRIC can help you make the most of this year’s ice hockey competition.

Ice Hockey 2021 Betting Odds

As exciting as ice hockey is, we understand how easy it can be to get swept up in the hype on gambling sites. It's important to make sure you’re clear on all the rules when you’re playing. For ice hockey betting at 10CRIC, there are three main types of betting odds to know. They are pre-game, outright, and live (or in-play) odds.

Pre-game ice hockey betting odds refer to those that are posted before an event has even begun. These will mostly be posted as decimal odds, but you’ll also see them as fractions in some cases. Pre-game odds can shift in the time it takes for an event to begin depending on injuries or major personnel changes. Pre-game odds can represent a variety of outcomes too, including who will win or the outcome of certain statistics.

Outright ice hockey betting odds refer to the outcomes of an entire tournament or event. For example, an outright bet placed for the NHL could determine who you think will win the Stanley Cup. These are fairly standard types of bets to place, and we recommend them for any experience level.

Live ice hockey betting odds refer to lines that represent outcomes in a game as it's happening. 10CRIC will help you track the flow of the game — you can place a wager at any point during the event itself.

These are great options for those who can sit and enjoy an entire hockey game while betting. The reason for this is that you can see the flow of the game first; timing is everything with live betting.

10CRIC Ice Hockey Betting App

With ice hockey games happening all over the globe, it may be difficult to find the right time to sit and watch a match to wager on. Luckily, the 10CRIC betting app is incredibly easy to use and can provide you with all the betting opportunities of our desktop view right on your mobile device. With that in mind, it’s the perfect ice hockey app to have on deck to place stakes on the go.

You can download directly the app for both Apple and Android devices. You’ll need to make sure either device has enabled the ability to accept download links from foreign or ‘unknown’ sources. On the app, you’ll have access to hundreds of sporting events every single day.

Placing a bet is as easy as selecting the event you’d like to wager on from the home menu, entering your stake amount and placing it. You can check your history and active bet slips through the app, as well as place deposits and withdraw your earnings.

Don’t miss a second of this year’s ice hockey betting action by using live game tracking and notifications. We understand what it's like to live an active lifestyle and still want to enjoy gambling. With the 10CRIC betting app, you can get the best of both worlds. Any questions with the app can be answered by our 24/7 multilingual customer-support staff directly on your mobile device.

Ice Hockey 2021 Betting Promotions

One of the main reasons why Indian-based gamblers tend to prefer 10CRIC for ice hockey betting is our industry-leading selection of bonuses and promotional opportunities. We tend to offer deals that relate specifically to the most popular events and tournaments in all top sports. Outside of those offers, we feature lucrative bonuses as staples of our site; one such offer is our welcome bonus for sports betting.

This deal can be used as one of the best ice hockey promotions on the web. It’s a deposit bonus that will match your initial deposit after creating an account with 10CRIC. You must place a deposit of at least ₹1,000 with a maximum of ₹10,000. This bonus amount can be used on live and traditional ice hockey wagers, granted they have odds of 1.60 or higher. The wagering requirement for this deal is 12x.

Another offer that can be used towards ice hockey wagers is our Double Money with AstroPay deal. When you make a deposit using Astropay, we’ll match that deposit for 100%, up to ₹2,000. This deal also has a minimum requirement of ₹1,000. Keep an eye out for more specific ice hockey deals when the season is upon us; many of the top leagues play closer to and throughout the winter.

The deals mentioned above may not always be in our rotation. We’re continuously updating our selection of promotional offers and bonuses to provide a fresh and enticing experience to our player base. Before placing a deposit, make sure to check our ‘Promotions’ tab to see what is currently available.

Ice Hockey 2021

Ice hockey is an internationally celebrated sport with leagues all over the world. The four biggest leagues with the most competitive ice hockey events are the NHL, KHL, SHL and IIHF.

NHL: The National Hockey League is a North American League predominantly in the United States with a few teams in Canada. Inaugurated in 1917, the NHL now includes 24 US teams and 7 Canadian teams, for a total of 31. It is the fifth-largest sports league in the world when ranked by revenue; it is first out of all hockey leagues.

KHL: The Kontinental Hockey League covers major ground internationally and is considered the top professional league for European and Asian players. It contains teams from Belarus, China, Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Latvia. The highest-ranked Russian team is awarded the title ‘Champion of Russia’. The KHL is regarded as second only to the National Hockey League.

SHL: The Swedish Hockey League is often considered one of the best hockey leagues in Europe. In terms of competition, the league has 14 teams that play 52 games, each with the top eight reaching the playoffs. The bottom two teams every year face off in a relegation series known as ‘Kvalserien’. This series includes four teams from the second-tier Swedish hockey league, with the top two being promoted

IIHF: The International Ice Hockey Federation, although not a professional league, is a governing body that holds many international ice hockey tournaments. It was formed in 1908 and has held an annual tournament called the Ice Hockey World Championships every year since. This event is considered one of the highest-profile hockey tournaments on the planet and the largest in size to be held annually.

Ice Hockey Events 2021

Out of these four major ice hockey leagues and organisations, each has their own culminating event and title. These are the Stanley Cup for the NHL, the Gagarin Cup for the KHL, the Le Mat Trophy for the SHL and the Ice Hockey World Championships for the IIHF. Ice hockey events are huge in the betting world — these four are some of the most exciting.

Stanley Cup

The NHL season will run through to the beginning of May in 2021, with the Stanley Cup playoffs happening immediately afterwards. This 16-team playoff format in May isn’t standard practice for the event, but the repercussions of the coronavirus on the NHL season prior are still being felt. The Stanley Cup is one of the most prestigious honours in ice hockey. It was created in 1892 and named after former Governor General of Canada Lord Stanley Preston.

Gagarin Cup

The major ice hockey event for the KHL is the Gagarin Cup. It’s named after Yuri Gagarin, who was the first cosmonaut ever in space. The Gagarin Cup takes place after the 16 team KHL playoff and usually finishes in April.

Le Mat Trophy

The Le Mat Trophy is awarded to the team that wins the Swedish Ice Hockey Championship game. This game follows a four-round playoff series that includes re-seeding and plenty of gambling action. This match is usually played in early spring, with the season typically beginning in late September.

IIHF World Championship

The IIHF World Championship is held annually by the International Ice Hockey Federation and began at the 1920 Winter Olympics. The 2020 IIHF World Championship was cancelled because of the pandemic, but the event will be looking to return in full force as soon as it can.

Ice Hockey Betting Predictions

Now that you have a solid background on the top ice hockey events the year has to offer, it's time to talk ice hockey tips for betting. That being said, we’ve reached out to the best ice hockey predictions experts, and they’ve shared their picks for each event. Keep in mind that these are only predictions, and the best bet is one you’re confident in.

Stanley Cup Predictions

Our pick for the best NHL team and the eventual Stanley Cup Champions is the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins exceeded expectations early in the year, with that success giving them an attractive glimmer during the trade deadline. This led to the recent signing of forwarding Jeff Carter, whose contributions may be just enough to push them to another championship run.

Gagarin Cup Predictions

When it comes to the Gagarin Cup, we think the Kazan Ak Bars will pick up the championship for the second time since the 2017-2018 season. They’ve been dominant early and show no signs of letting up. The Kazan Ak Bars haven’t won less than 30 games in over a decade and finished with 44 wins before the playoffs were deemed inconclusive due to the pandemic.

Le Mat Trophy Predictions

Our pick for the Le Mat Trophy and the winners of the SHL is Färjestad BK. Led by coach Johan Pennerborn, Färjestad BK plays an offensive-based version of hockey that’s fast-paced and appealing to watch. They have the chemistry and talent to pull it off; it’s just a matter of executing their game plan.

IIHF World Championship

For the IIHF World Championship in 2021, we pick Russia to take home the championship. In recent play during the Euro Hockey Tour, they’ve absolutely crushed the competition. Breakout youngster Nikita Chibrikov is showing signs of lightning while coach Igor Larionov methodically outplays his opponents.