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France’s Ligue 1 is incredibly fast-paced and one of the most popular sports leagues on the planet. With the generational talent on multiple teams, every game promises to be entertaining.

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When it comes to Ligue 1 betting, there isn’t a better time than the present to get into the action. With league play well underway and top clubs already performing at an elite level, come check out what 10CRIC has to offer for the rest of the season. There are countless ways to play, from individual match wagers to longer statistics related bets.

Ligue 1 Betting Odds

10CRIC offers various types of betting odds and ways to play. Your ability to profit from gambling on football will depend on your understanding of betting odds. Here are three of the prominent types of odds available to players:

Pre-game Ligue 1 betting odds

Pre-game betting refers to individual wagers on matches, players and statistics. These are determined before a match begins and typically offer some of the fairest odds.

Outright Ligue 1 betting odds

Outright betting refers to league or tournament long wagers. These require at least three events to be bet on at one time. The odds are determined by the bookie before play begins. They are subject to shifting as the season progresses. Playing outright odds well requires a bit more skill and knowledge base. They are recommended for veteran gamblers or those that are interested in betting on their favourites to win it all.

Live Ligue 1 betting odds

Live betting refers to a new vein of gambling that became popular over the last few years. It allows you to see the flow of the game before committing to a wager. This can help avoid bettor’s remorse with situations such as game-changing injuries.

10CRIC has some of the best live Ligue 1 betting odds available on the internet. It’s just one of the many commitments we have made to bring the best new content to our site; you can expect the latest in gambling technology whenever you log in.

Regardless of which type of wager you choose to place, 10CRIC offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a novice or expert, a soccer fan or a casual observer, you will be able to find the perfect game.

France Ligue 1 Betting Promotions

10CRIC offers a robust set of promotions and bonuses available for nearly every type of wager that you can imagine. From sports to esports, casino to lottery: we have it all. When it comes to Ligue 1 promotions, 10CRIC is unsurpassable.

We offer an incredible welcome bonus with the code WELCOME. This acts as a deposit bonus, meaning that the site will match 100% of your initial deposit. This is available for up to ₹10000.

For example, if you were to put down ₹10000 as your first deposit, you will receive ₹10000 for additional bets absolutely free. The bonuses don’t stop there, you will also be eligible to receive 20 free spins on the slot machine called “The King.”

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Every time you log into your account, you will also be able to see the variety of daily challenges, bonuses and rewards that 10CRIC offers. This ensures that each day with us is as fresh and interesting as the last. Check out the Game of the Week and Power Odds games; these have altered odds to help you win big even easier.

There are also a variety of bonuses and discounts for using cryptocurrency, though we accept all kinds of convenient and safe currency. No matter how you pay and how you play, there is bound to be a bonus waiting for you. You can find more information related to promotions under the “Promotions” tab at the top of the page.

10CRIC Ligue 1 Betting App

The internet and virtual gaming have taken the world by storm over the last few years. If you’re like most people, you may find it difficult to find a time when you’re free to sit at a desktop to place a wager. You may just find it distracting and difficult to focus on a screen at your desk chair for hours on end.

Plus, we’re on the go more than ever these days. Luckily, we offer a premium experience for free with the 10CRIC betting app. It only takes a few minutes to check up on daily promotions and bets; never miss an opportunity to win big ever again.

All you need to do is select the event that interests you the most and click the “Place Bet” option. You’ll be able to pick your wager amount and have it accepted in the time it takes to check your email; quickly navigate between events for optimal results.

With our 24/7 customer support and convenient withdrawal system, you’ll never be lost while using it. All league games can be found under the “Sports” section, making it the best Ligue 1 app for betting.

Have a stroke of inspiration while riding the bus? Water cooler talk convinces you to pick a new team to win it all? No matter how you choose to play you’ll be able to safely and effectively wager on the go.

Ligue 1 2021

Ligue 1 is, and has been since it began, the premier football league in all of France. It’s at the top of the five French leagues in terms of scale. There are 20 teams in play. Last season was cut short due to the global pandemic, with Paris Saint-Germain F.C. winning it all after play resumed.

Sports were one of the first big cancellations during the beginning of the pandemic, for good reason. Needless to say, football fans around the world are ready for some consistency in play again.

Ligue 1 in 2021 is set to be even more exciting. An early look at the standings shows a closer range of talent than you would expect from other major leagues. Because of this, each game is more riveting than the last. No team is as far ahead of a frontrunner as you may think; it’s anyone’s league.

Betting on football can help build an even stronger bond between the game and its fans. Find new ways to play and appreciate the sport this year with the help of 10CRIC. Whether you’re an avid line watcher or just love the game, there is something for you here.

France Ligue 1 2021 Betting Predictions

With Ligue play being more competitive than ever, it may be difficult to make a choice when it comes to placing a wager. Luckily, 10CRIC has been in communication with the top prediction experts in all of football. Here are our France Ligue 1 predictions for the current season.

Who will win Ligue 1 in 2021? - The first of our Ligue 1 tips is our pick for who will be the last club standing. Our choice for champion this season is Lille OSC. They had a solid fourth-place finish last season and currently hold the second-best odds to win it all behind Paris Saint-Germain. However, their play to start the season looks like that of a team trying to repeat and are currently tied with PSG for overall points.

Who will be the top scorer of Ligue 1? - Our pick for top scorer at the end of the season is Lyon’s Memphis Depay. Lyon has been playing electric football as a team, and are near the top of every site’s list of possible champions. Depay has been nearly unstoppable early on and should look to continue that streak.

Who will be the assist leader of the French Ligue? - For the top assist man of 2021, we are picking Lille’s Jonathan Bamba. Their balanced offence benefits massively from his unselfish play. He is currently tied for league tops in that category, and Lille’s play/schedule makes that honour seem likely.

Who will be relagated during 2021 season? - Our final pick for this year’s Ligue 1 is on the opposite end of things: who will be relegated? Our choice in this category is Lorient. They’ve lost four of their last five matches and are tied for most losses. Compared to the tremendous talent in the league, they just seem completely overmatched at times.

Remember that you need to be happy with your wager in the end. You’re the one who’s paying for it after all! If you want to pick frontrunners to try and maximise your percentage of wins, that’s great. If you’d prefer to choose your favourites, that works as well. Either way, just make sure you are clear on each match’s betting rules before committing.

Ligue 1 2021 Teams

Many sports leagues around the world had to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic last year. With competition becoming safer with well-defined regulations, players are certain to be as competitive as ever. It should make for riveting football from Ligue 1 teams in 2021.

Fresh off their 2020 victory campaign, Paris Saint-Germain led by their ace Neymar Jr. will be favourites to win it all. They have by far the best outright odds of any team. That being said, there are five or six teams that could realistically challenge them.

Both Lille and Lyon are hot on their tail. Nearly identical in overall wins, the difference between these teams comes in the number of draws they’ve been a part of.

They both have fewer overall losses than Paris Saint-Germain and therefore have been playing closer games. As usual, expect the intensity of these matches to ramp up the closer we get to the final in May.

Football is a game of will and wit. With each passing game, clubs are learning more about each other. That is why odds are always shifting and expert opinions are always changing. Stay up to date on league news to be on top of the competition.