Cycling Odds & Betting

Cycling is an exhilarating, fast-paced sport where cyclists compete head-to-head on epic tours. With sports betting, punters get in on the excitement by placing wagers on many different cycling aspects. Whether it’s the first place winner, ending times for cyclists or choice between rival cyclists, punters will undoubtedly enjoy the thrill of wagering money on sporting events.

Cycling betting involves placing real money wagers on sporting events. With tours taking place on rugged mountain terrain, flat sprints and epic European routes, the sport is one of the most exciting to place wagers on.

The 10CRIC India sports-betting site is one of the best resources for cycling odds, leagues and sports betting. Register with us today to get started with cycling betting on 10CRIC India, knowing you’re wagering with the best odds available.

Cycling Betting Odds

Knowing how to read the odds for bets you place is vital to successful gambling decisions. 10CRIC’s site offers in-depth and up-to-date odds on the top cyclists in the world. When you read our betting odds, it’s crucial to know what the odds are like compared to others and how to strategise.

We offer great cycling 2021 betting odds in the decimal format. For example, the talented Slovenian cyclist Tadej Pogacar features 2.50 odds. These odds offer a 3/2 payout. Let's say you play ₹20 on Pogacar and succeed; you’ll end up winning ₹50.

Like other sports betting odds, the underdog offers massive payouts for your bets. The Columbian cyclist Sergio Higuita features 251.00 odds. Infractions, that works out to 249/1 odds. If you place a wager of ₹1, you will receive ₹5,020 if Higuita wins.

There are three main types of betting odds you'll want to study. Pre-game cycling betting odds involve the odds before the event starts. They’ll likely change when the event begins. Live cycling 2021 betting odds allow punters to participate in the event's thrilling action and place wagers once the race starts.

With live betting, gamblers will enjoy all the action with the added exhilaration of sports betting. 10CRIC offers live cycling bets with a user-friendly interface focused on providing the best sports betting experience for punters.

Outright cycling betting odds are bets placed on the overall outcome of an event. With outright odds, you'll be placing bets on the whole tournament rather than on individual races.

10CRIC Cycling Betting App

The Internet has been a valuable tool in bringing sports betting to people on the go all around the world. It’s incredibly advantageous to have access to your sports betting site while you’re out and about. It’s also an excellent way to place wagers in real-time while always having access to your account, as well as up-to-date information. With the 10CRIC betting app, punters can participate in sports betting with all our website's advantages from their mobile devices.

The cycling app offers live betting and pre-game wagers. Players receive the same incredible information and access to odds that make 10CRIC the best sports betting site out there. To get started, you must download our app to your Android or iOS device. Once downloaded, you can log in to access all your favourite sports.

Similar to the desktop version, you'll see the various sporting matches and betting selections for your chosen sport. With our app, Indian punters can place wagers with ease on a safe and secure mobile platform. The app accepts the same payment methods as the website and also allows quick, easy and safe financial transactions.

Cycling Betting Promotions

One of the most exciting aspects of online sports betting is taking advantage of generous welcome offers and betting promotions. Our online sports betting site offers attractive cycling promotions to increase your bankroll and winnings. The Boss' IPL Welcome Deal offers an extra ₹2,000 in free betting when you deposit ₹1,000. With this incredible welcome bonus, punters have more opportunities to wager on various cycling events and win massive amounts of money. The welcome offer allows you to make two ₹1,000 bets after you initially bet ₹1,000.

With the 10CRIC welcome deal, you get three bets for the price of one. Other promotions include The Boss' Triple Century Winners that offers 100% up to ₹3,000 for sports bets, and 100% up to ₹2,000 in free bets.

Another exciting promotion is the deposit bonus with AstroPay, where 10CRIC matches your deposit of up to ₹2,000. To be eligible for the welcome promotion, you must be a new customer and enter the promo code. There are some requirements for using the offers, and it’s vital to look over the current promotional offers and rules to make sure you’re eligible.

Be sure to frequently check back on the promotions and offers on the 10CRIC to take advantage of the generous bonuses for sports betting.

Cycling 2021

Betting on cycling isn’t limited to just placing bets on the winner. It also involves other exciting match-ups to wager on. While the most popular cycling bets involve the overall winner, you can also wager on finish times, leads and place rival cyclers head to head. The most popular events are the Tour de France and Tour d'Italia. The top wagers and most prevalent in cycling involve bets placed on the Tour de France's overall winner.

The Tour de France is one of the most popular cycling events globally, with the best of the best cyclists competing for first place. With this event, you can bet between certain cyclists and how many minutes between the first and second place cyclists. With 10CRIC, you can place bets before the event or participate in in-play betting after the event starts. In-play betting is an exciting way to add some thrill as you watch the tournament unfold.

The top leagues in the world host world championships and springtime classics. With us, you can place bets both before and during the events and know you are getting the best from the incredible cycling betting source.

Cycling Events 2021

Major cycling events draw enthusiastic and eager punters. In 2021, cycling fans can look forward to the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France. Both events have gained popularity worldwide among fans and sports bettors alike. The Giro d'Italia started in 1909 and started in the beautiful Italian landscape.

  • The Tour de France is a 21-day multi-stage bicycle race that starts in the picturesque landscape of France. With worldwide popularity, the Grand Tour is one of the most well-known cycling events of all time. The major sporting events are incredibly exciting. Using 10CRIC through the desktop or mobile application, you can stay on top of the latest and greatest odds for cycling bets.
  • Tro-Bro Leon is a smaller race in France that goes over cobblestone, gravel roads, dirt and farm roads. It’s an exciting race early in the season.
  • Giro Rosa in Italy is a ten-day Italian multi-stage race for women. Traditionally it’s called the "Giro d'Italia Internazionale Femminile". The race features the top female cyclists in the sport.
  • The Olympics in Tokyo should offer more cycling events than ever before. While there’s still some debate about whether the Olympics will take place this year, we enthusiastically hope for an epic event full of cycling matches
  • The Tour of Spain marks the end of the season for major cycling events. Many cyclists hope to do well in this tour to end the season on a high note and appeal to contracts for the next year.

Cycling Betting Predictions

A vital aspect to look for in a sports betting site is their intel and various sports seasons predictions. 10CRIC India offers some of the best predictions for the 2020 season. If you are looking for a reliable place to wager, we reliably supply excellent cycling predictions for the 2021 season.

For 2021, 10CRIC India provides some intriguing predictions for the cycling season. We recommend you keep your eyes on Tadej Pogacar of Slovenia as a favourite to win the 2021 Tour de France. As of last year's winner, at the young age of 21, Pogacar's talent speaks for itself; things bode well for another win this year.

For the 2021 Giro d'Italia, Egan Bernal of Columbia is currently the favourite to take first place. Bernal won the 2019 Tour de France and looks excellent as the likely winner of the 2021 Giro d'Italia.

If you’re new to sports betting, it’s advantageous to research races and make strategic wagers. We have some cycling tips to get you started in the exciting world of sports betting. First and foremost, punters should learn as much as possible about cycling, leagues, matches, cyclists and major events.

Being knowledgeable about the sport gives you an edge on how to make strategic and well-informed wagers. As with all forms of gambling, we recommend starting with small bets and knowing when to cut your losses. Taking breaks when you’re on a losing streak allows you to collect yourself and make strategic decisions from a refreshed state.