Bombay Live Bollywood Stars

Bombay Live Bollywood Stars


Play Bollywood Stars Online with Real Money on 10CRIC

What Is Bollywood Stars?

Bollywood Stars is one of the latest creations of OneTouch done in collaboration with Bombay Live. It is a live dealer game inspired by the Indian film industry, bringing the glitz and glamour of Bollywood life closer while betting for a chance to take home a huge prize.

Although relatively new, the Bollywood Stars game has had an incredibly successful launch and is already a fan favourite among Indian players and the international crowd. Apart from the vibrant theme and attractive hosts, the game’s charm lies in its simplicity, unique rules, and dynamic gameplay.

If you’re looking for a good Bollywood Stars casino, you’ve found it! Here at 10CRIC, we have loads of fun and rewarding live games, and we added Bollywood Casino as soon as it was ready for launch. You can now play this game for real money on both our desktop platform and the Android and iOS mobile app.

But what is Bombay Live Bollywood Stars exactly? What makes it such a successful addition to the live dealer catalogue, and, most importantly, how do you win? Read on to learn the game’s rules, lay betting flow, and how to play it on 10CRIC.

Bollywood Stars Rules

The Bollywood Stars rules are incredibly simple. You just need to predict the winning card of the game round through one of several available bets. The game uses a 32-card deck and only contains picture cards (J, Q, K, A), two of each four suits.

You start the game by placing the chips on one of the main or side bets. You can place a back bet (betting on something to happen) or a lay bet (betting on something not to happen).

Once the betting timer runs out, the dealer discards the first card from the deck and then presents the winning card face-up. The bets are then automatically paid out, and the new betting round can begin.

The bets in Bollywood Stars are divided into main bets located at the top of the betting interface and side bets placed at the bottom.

Main Bets

  • Don — Ace of spades
  • Amar Akbar Anthony — Ace of heart, club, or diamonds
  • Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam — King, Queen, of Jack of spades
  • Dharam Veer — King of diamonds or King of clubs
  • Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon — King of hearts, Queen of hearts, Queen of diamonds, or Queen of clubs
  • Ghulam — Jack of hearts, Jack of diamonds, Jack of clubs

Side Bets

  • Dulha Dulhan — King or Queen
  • Barati — Jack or Ace
  • Odd — Ace, King, or Jack
  • Black — Any spade or club
  • Red — Any heart or diamond
  • Singles — Straight Ace, King, Queen, or Jack

The riskiest and most valuable bet is Don (Ace of spades), as it pays 14:1.

Lay Betting Flow

The Bollywood Stars rules also allow bets on something that won’t happen.

After placing a lay bet, you have a liability amount deducted from your balance. You’ll see the liability amount displayed on the betting interface next to all available lay bets. If there are multiple liabilities for any main bets, only the highest liability amount gets deducted from the balance.

The liability amount will be returned to your balance for all winning bets once the round ends. The amount differs depending on the bet, varying from 0.36x to 16x. Available lay bets include all the main bets together with an odd bet. Each lay bet pays 1:1.

How to Play Bollywood Stars on 10CRIC?

10CRIC is currently a rare online casino where you can try out this awesome game. You will get to try Bollywood Stars and take part in various promotions and get your winnings by using some of the fastest payment methods in the industry.

So, you’re now probably wondering how to start. Without further ado, here are the steps to playing Bollywood Stars on 10CRIC:

  1. Click the Join Now button in the top right corner. If you want to play on mobile, try downloading and installing the 10CRIC App first.
  2. Complete the 3-step registration process by sharing your name, date of birth, email, and other personal information.
  3. Once finished, follow instructions on how to activate your account. Don’t forget that you can claim our lucrative welcome offer as a new customer.
  4. Log in using your credentials and select Live Casino from the top menu.
  5. Go to the cashier to deposit some money into your account. This is obligatory as you can’t play any live dealer games on 10CRIC for free.
  6. Browse the library until you find Bombay Bollywood Stars, possibly located in the Most Popular or Top Indian Games categories.
  7. After the game loads, wait for the new round to begin and place your bets. Of course, don’t forget to gamble responsibly.

Can You Play Bollywood Stars With Real Money on 10CRIC?

Yes, you can play Bollywood Stars for real money on 10CRIC. As a matter of fact, you can only play it for real money, as live dealer games aren’t available in free demo mode.

As soon as the game loads, your balance will appear in the bottom left. You then just need to select your chip size and click/tap on a corresponding bet to make a wager. If you end up with more money than you originally started with, you can choose to keep that money in your balance or cash it out with one of the available withdrawal methods.

Pay attention to the minimum and maximum betting limits. Also, if you’re playing with a bonus, note the bonus wagering requirements and how they apply to the Bollywood Stars game.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bollywood Stars

Can I play Bollywood Stars on mobile?

Yes, you can play Bollywood Stars or any other of our live dealer games on your smartphone or tablet. This game runs on HTML5 technology, making it available on all major mobile browsers. However, for a better user experience, you should download and play on the 10CRIC casino app. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Can I play Bollywood Stars with Indian rupees?

Of course! 10CRIC accepts a large number of worldwide currencies, including INR. Choose the Indian rupee as your preferred currency and deposit using one of the accepted payment methods, including cards, e-wallets, online banking, crypto, or more. Once you load Bollywood Stars, the balance in the bottom left will change to rupees.

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