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Bollywood Nights


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If you like to play online Bollywood Nights is one slot you definitely need to try! Filled with colourful images of costumed actors, flashing lights and even the International Indian Film Academy trophy, the Bollywood Nights slot game is a little bit of Bollywood whenever you want it, combined with plenty of win potential!

Bollywood Nights in 10CRIC India

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Everything you need to know about the game

Bollywood Nights Rules How to place a bet?
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The online Bollywood Nights India themed tribute to the country's film industry is exploding with fantastic features, including free spins, stacked and expanding wilds, cascading wins, 243 paylines and high paying symbols. And to make it even better, there's Bollywood style music to complete the show!

If you're wondering, is Bollywood Nights app friendly? Yes, it is! You can enjoy mobile Bollywood Nights action anytime thanks to the 10CRIC App, which you can download free on Android or iOS devices. Then you have access to Bollywood Nights on a smooth and user-friendly interface so you can spin the reels of the game and experience the magic of Bollywood in slot form anywhere you go, with the potential to win money too.

This slot game is by games provider Indi Slots who develop games reflecting Indian culture, perfect for our 10CRIC members! So are you ready to play Bollywood Nights? Keep reading for a closer look at this popular game, including how to play, what the rules are, how to bet and how much you stand to win!

How to Play Bollywood Nights on 10CRIC?

If you are already a member of 10CRIC Bollywood Nights is already available to play in the Casino section of the website. If you are not yet a member of 10CRIC, don't worry, it's very quick and easy to open a new account, and it's free! Then you'll have access to our amazing collection of games, like Bollywood Nights, that you can play online, on your mobile or tablet, or on the 10CRIC App. Here are the 4 easy steps to register:

  1. Click Join Now - Visit and click on the yellow Join Now button in the top right corner.
  2. Enter Details - The registration form will open, asking you to fill in your name, date of birth and email address. Make sure these details match those on your ID, then click the Next button.
  3. Choose Username - The final page of the registration process asks you to choose a username and password for your account, select a currency (INR by default), enter a referrer code if you have one and enter the 4-digit code displayed in the box. Be sure to tick the T&Cs box then click Create My Account.
  4. Do you have 10CRIC Account? - If you have, you can start to play Bollywood Nights right away. Just click on the login button and Win!

Next step is to make your first deposit at 10CRIC so you will have funds to play with. To get even more on top of your first deposit, check the Promotions Page for details of our available Welcome Bonuses!

Bollywood Nights Jackpot

So what's the Bollywood Nights jackpot? Yep, that's what everyone wants to know! It's a bit tricky to put a number on that as it depends on several factors including how the symbols align on the reels, what wild and scatter symbols are involved, how many free spins you win, and how many additional wins you trigger through the game's cascading mechanism.

The symbols all have different values, with the maximum payout of each ranging from 70 to 600 coins on the lower end of the betting scale, up to 35,000 to 3,00,000 coins at the maximum bet. But multipliers and the number of winning lines will take that win total much higher! Add in the game's 243 wins payline style, where winning lines are made up of 3 or more matched symbols on consecutive reels and that's even bigger win potential. Free spins give you more chances to win. Then each time you get a winning line in the game, those symbols disappear and are replaced by those above, which can trigger a chain reaction of wins. What does this all mean to you in terms of jackpot win amounts? Well, there really is no limit regarding how much you can win on this slot game!

Everything that You Need to Know About Bollywood Nights

Bollywood Nights already sound like a really exciting slot game to play, right? And you're right, it is! Let's get to know this cool slot game a bit better before we jump straight into playing it. That way you know what to expect when those reels start to spin, you can spot a big win or a feature trigger and can actually enjoy the gameplay instead of wondering what on earth is going on! Ready to discover the rules of the game, how to place a bet, what the limits are and how much you can win? Read on!

What are the rules that you need to follow while playing Bollywood Nights?

First things first, let's take a look at the Bollywood Nights rules. When you're in the game, you'll find these rules by clicking on the three dots at the left of the screen, then clicking the “i” button. You can refer to these rules at any point if you need a reminder. Here's a rundown of those basic rules:

  1. Spin the reels: The aim of this slot game is to try to match 3 or more symbols on consecutive reels. It's a 243 ways slot, which means there are 243 ways to win!
  2. Wild symbol: Keep watching that wild symbol as it can randomly expand and cover up to any 2 of reels 2, 3 or 4 for another boost to your win potential!
  3. Random expanding wilds: The third page shows you all the game's symbols and how much you can win by matching various numbers of these symbols along any of the game's pay lines from left to right. For example, four zebra symbols on any one payline will win you 100 coins.
  4. Free Spins: Look out for the International Indian Film Academy trophy! This is the games scatter symbol where 3, 4 or 5 of them anywhere on the reels at one time will trigger 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively, with consecutive wins multiplied by an increasing multiplier of up to 10x!

How to Place a Bet While Playing Bollywood Nights?

So now you know a bit more about how the game works and how you play it, how do you actually bet on Bollywood Nights? It's very easy to place a bet on Bollywood Nights. When you have the game open, if you look at the bottom row from the left you'll see the three dots for opening the menu, then there's your balance, and next to that you'll see Total Bet, with an upwards arrow next to it.

Click this arrow and a menu will pop up allowing you to change your bet size from 1 to 100, and your bet from 1 to 5 (this multiplies your total bet). You also have the option there of choosing the maximum bet amount by clicking the Max Bet button. Once you've made your bet adjustments, simply click the spin button in the middle to spin the reels!

How to Increase the Betting Amount?

Increasing or decreasing the betting amount is very simple. Just click the upward arrow next to Total Bet and adjust the sliders for Bet Size and Bet. As you do this, you'll see the value in the Total Bet box change. This is how much you'll be betting per spin. It is calculated by multiplying the bet size by the bet.

Make your adjustments until you're happy, then click the central spin button to spin the reels!

What are the Limits of Bollywood Nights?

As mentioned before, there may not be any limits as to how much you can win, but there is a limit on how much you can bet per spin in this game. This is sensible since you don't want to spend your whole bankroll in one spin by accident! The limits for betting on Bollywood Nights range from ₹50 at the lower end to ₹25,000 at the top end. These are the minimum and maximum amounts you can bet in a single spin.


So how does the Bollywood Nights game payout? Matching 3 or more symbols on consecutive reels will pay out an amount depending on the value of those symbols, which in turn depends on how much you have a bet. You can see the exact payouts of the symbols for your specific bet per spin amount by visiting the paytable in the three dots menu by choosing the “i” symbol. When you get a winning line, the line will be highlighted and the win amount will be visible under Win on the bottom row of the screen before it's added to your balance.

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