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Dragon Tiger


Play Live Dragon Tiger With Real Money - 10CRIC Casino

If you are looking for a casino game that is cent per cent fun and easy to play, Live Dragon Tiger should be among your top picks, and 10CRIC will let you in on all of its tricks.

Dragon Tiger is so simple that there probably isn’t a casino game that can make you feel so badass at all times. Well, at least until those BIG WINS are on the anvil, and you manage to link them in a row. Is it the cha-ching jackpot sound we hear?

Here at 10CRIC, you will learn all there is to know about the fast-paced Live Casino Dragon Tiger gameplay, its side bets, bonuses, and many other distinct features. Stay tuned!

Live Dragon Tiger Key Features
Live Casino Yes Special bets Yes
Theme Asian games RTP Main Bets 96.27%
Paylines n/a RTP Tie Bet 86.02%
Max. wager $1,000 Software Evolution
Pragmatic Play
Super Spade
Payouts Dragon Bet 1:1
Tiger Bet 1:1
Tie 11:1
Suited Tie 50:1

Dragon Tiger Rules

It is so easy to play Dragon Tiger that even if you have never set foot inside a casino or tried playing in an online one, you’ll get the hang of the gameplay in no time.

The Dragon Tiger rules are simple. The game is played with standard six to eight 52-card decks. Only two cards are dealt by the live professional dealer in each round: one for the Dragon position and another for the Tiger position. Your job as the bettor is to guess if either the Dragon or the Tiger will get a higher card and place your bets accordingly. You can also bet on a Tie or a Suited Tie. If you get them right, payouts worth up to 50 times your bet will be yours!

The card rankings are taken at their face value, except for the Ace. Ace is the lowest card, while King is the highest value card. Suits play no particular role in the game, except when you bet on a Suited Tie or other side bets.

The two main bets in Dragon Tiger pay even money. Let’s illustrate that with an example. Say you bet ₹1,000 on Dragon, and HOORAY, Dragon, indeed gets the high card. In that case, a 10cric casino will pay you another ₹1,000 in winnings. Some first-class fun and payouts, right?

Play Live Dragon Tiger

We have already seen that you don’t need to be a casino expert to learn how to play Dragon Tiger Live. There are only two cards dealt in the game and your job is to predict which of the two will be of higher value. It’s as simple as that.

You have about 16 seconds to place your bets after which the dealer will deal the cards and the action will be underway.

Some people think that Live Dragon Tiger does not offer that many betting options and these people are wrong. There are plenty of side and bonus bets that you can use to spice your gameplay up a bit.

The first side bet you can use is the Tie bet. If both the Dragon and the Tiger get the same cards, no matter the suit, you win back half of your bet plus an 11:1 payout. Bet ₹1,000, and ₹11,000 more will be coming your way. Even if you didn’t bet on a Tie, half of your wager would still be returned to you.

The Suited Tie is an even more lucrative side bet. It pays 50 to 1, so if both the Dragon and the Tiger get a Jack, for example, your balance will earn the BOOST OF A LIFETIME! If the hand is tied and you didn’t bet on it, you still get half of your bet back. It pays to play Dragon Tiger, boss, no doubt!

Depending on the version of Live Casino Dragon Tiger you are playing at 10Cric Casino, there can be several other side bets to take advantage of.

For example, you can place a Big side bet, which will win if the Dragon or Tiger card rank from 8 to K. A Small bet, on the other hand, brings great payouts if the cards dealt go from Ace to 6. You can also bet on the suit of the cards and many other options that you won’t find in that many live casino games.

Play Dragon Tiger With Real Money

Just like with most other live casino games at 10Cric Casino, you won’t be able to play Dragon Tiger’s demo version and learn the ropes without risking your own money. But, where’s the fun in that, anyway? The same goes for all other Dragon Tiger real cash games at 10CRIC. The real adrenaline rush comes from staking real money, and Dragon Tiger is a game with a huge payout potential.

Even money is the least you can expect to win from a well-placed bet in Dragon Tiger for Real money games. So, if you bet ₹10,000 on a Dragon to have the higher card and the fiery beast does get it, another ₹10,000 will find its way to your bankroll.

Another important reason you should cut the chase and delve right into real-money wagering in Dragon Tiger is the excellent RTP percentage. The main bets have an RTP of 96.27%, which is more than most other live casino games for real money can offer.

Finally, there are plenty of side bets you can use for a chance to score 50 to 1 payouts, and that is a win ratio no one would like to miss out on.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger With Real Money?

Ready to get the Dragon Tiger show on the road? We bet you are. Here are the steps you need to take to play Dragon Tiger with real money so that you can win REAL CASH!

  1. Head to our homepage and in the upper right corner, find the yellow Join Now button.
  2. Complete the 3-step registration form by providing personal details, such as name, address, email, phone number, city, postal code, date of birth, etc.
  3. After getting through the registration process, you can top up your account and enjoy the full spectrum of services.
  4. Go to the Cashier section of your account and click on the Deposit option.
  5. Choose the amount you wish to deposit and your preferred payment method. Note that to trigger the signup bonus, you need to deposit at least ₹1,000.
  6. Once you have taken the registration bonus, you can head to the live casino lobby and use the name filtering option to find Dragon Tiger.
  7. Type in Dragon Tiger, and a couple of different versions of the game will appear in front of you.
  8. Choose the one you like the most and start your gambling adventure!

When the time comes to cash out your HARD-EARNED cash, there is another simple procedure you need to go through. Here’s the deal:

  1. Head to the Cashier section and click on the Withdraw button.
  2. Input the amount you wish to withdraw.
  3. Choose the banking method you are most comfortable with using from the list of available options.
  4. Initiate the transaction and confirm it by following the on-screen prompts.
  5. Enjoy your winnings or use them to fuel the Dragon Tiger fun; the choice is yours.

Live Dragon Tiger FAQ

What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Live Dragon Tiger is the live dealer version of the traditional Asian game of Dragon Tiger where you bet on which of the two positions in the game (Dragon and Tiger) will be dealt a card with the higher value.

Can I play Live Casino Dragon Tiger for free?

Like all live dealer casino games, Live Dragon Tiger is only available for real-money wagering. There are several versions of Dragon Tiger at 10CRIC Casino, so you can surely find the one that suits your bankroll the most.

What is the RTP of Live Dragon Tiger?

The RTP for the main bets in Dragon Tiger is set at 96.27%, while the RTPs of side bets range from 86.02% to 89.64%.

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