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10CRIC is fast becoming the number one choice for India residents to enjoy a wide range of fantastic online casino games, whether that's on your home computer or any mobile device while you're out and about. While you may be familiar with the popular classic games of Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, these aren't the only games on offer here at 10CRIC.

Online dice and craps games provide just as much entertainment and the great news are that 10CRIC offers dice and craps game India residents can play! As a result, these games have recently exploded in popularity. Three of our top dice and craps games include Super Sic Bo, Mega Sic Bo and Lightning Dice. Here we'll take a closer look at each of these to find out how they are played and what makes them popular choices in India.

Dice & Craps Games

Super Sic Bo Mega Sic Bo Lightning Dice

Dice and Craps Online Games in India

Dice online games and craps online games may enjoy popularity in modern times, but they are not new games as far as Indian history is concerned. These types of games involving gambling on the outcomes of dice date back as far as 1300 BC, when they were mentioned in the Atharva Veda. However, some argue there are even older references to such games in the Rig Veda, the Buddha Games List, and the two Sanskrit epics the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Ramayana's story mentions the trees losing their fruit as a comparison to a dice gambler losing his shirt. In the Mahabharata, a loaded dice game leads to Yudhishthira losing his wealth and kingdom, after which he gambles his brother, wife and even himself into servitude!

Dice and craps games are still around today in various forms and in some cases, they haven't changed much from ancient times, as is the case in the game of Jhandi Munda, which you may see as Crown and Anchor at online casinos. Other dice casino games you may come across include Lightning Dice and Sic Bo, with variants such as Super Sic Bo and Mega Sic Bo also proving popular. Craps casino games can be found in land-based casinos such as the Casino Royale in Goa.

Play Online Super Sic Bo in the Live Casino

You may or may not have heard of Sic Bo, the game of dice outcomes, but the Super Sic Bo live dealer game by Evolution Gaming takes the excitement one step further! The Super Sic Bo India friendly game is very much based on the original game of Sic Bo, where you bet on the outcome of three dice. What makes Super Sic Bo unique, however, is the addition of random multipliers to any of the betting spots on the board on every round. These random multipliers are added to the board while the dice are still in the process of being rolled, making it extra exciting as players watch for those random multipliers to land on their bets!

As a live casino game, Super Sic Bo online play is led by a live dealer who is there to initiate the dice rolls, usually through pressing a button that activates a platform where the dice are situated, enclosed in a glass case. Once that button is pressed, the platform jumps up and down several times, causing the dice to roll about. Once the platform stops, the dice come to a rest and the live dealer announces the winning numbers as shown. However, it's during this exciting dice rolling that the highlight of the game of Super Sic Bo takes place, with the appearance of random multipliers on zero to several betting spots on the board. These multipliers can be anything from 10x to a stunning 1,000x, giving a serious boost to the win potential of the game!

Super Sic Bo is the perfect combination of an original dice game with a unique modern twist set in a modern live casino studio complete with a live dealer. Easy to play and easy to win, this game is one for those brand new to online casino gameplay and experienced gamers alike.

How to Play Super Sic Bo Online?

Super Sic Bo sounds great, right? But how do you go about playing this game? Here we'll take a detailed look at how to play Super Sic Bo so you know what to expect.

The first thing to do is open a new account at 10CRIC if you don't have one already. Make sure you check our Promotions page for details of our available welcome bonuses that will give you extra funds to play with right from the start.

When you've got some funds and you're ready to play, simply go to the Casino section of the 10CRIC website, select the Dice link under the main banner image to jump to our Dice games collection, and click on Super Sic Bo.

When the game opens you will see the live dealer with the glass case containing the three dice on a table in front of them. To the left is your chat option as well as your balance and bet amount, and to the right, you'll see the outcomes of the last nine rolls of the dice. In the bottom centre, you will see the betting board containing all the various possible outcomes of the dice and underneath are the different chips you can choose to bet with.

The first thing you should do is simply watch a few rolls of the dice so you can see how the game works, how much time you have to bet and how the random multipliers appear on the betting board. This is also a good time to familiarise yourself with the various betting options, such as Small (4-10), Big (11-17), number totals, Any Triple, set doubles outcomes and the others.

When you're ready, simply select a chip value and click on the betting option on the board that you wish to bet on. Once the betting time is over, the live dealer will initiate the dice rolling and the random multipliers will appear highlighted in gold on the board. When the dice stop rolling, the winners will be paid automatically. If a random multiplier appeared on your winning bet, your win will be multiplied by that amount!

Benefits of Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo is such an appealing game, especially with players in India, and it's fast becoming a favourite amongst our members. But why? Let's look at what makes this game such a trending favourite in India:

  • Live Super Sic Bo Dealer: One of the most appealing aspects of Super Sic Bo live gameplay is that you don't have to roll the dice! Attractive live dealers serve as the host of your game, with just a simple press of a button triggering the glass cased platform on which the dice are set to start jumping. But this isn't their only function. Your live dealer is also there to announce the dice outcomes and of course, congratulate you when you win!
  • Native Speaking Dealers: One thing that has the potential to spoil any game is a live dealer that you can't understand. Thanks to our native live dealers, this will never be the case at 10CRIC! Enjoy clear and pleasant tones in an accent you are familiar with as you watch those dice roll your way.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Think you can only play Super Sic Bo on your computer at home? Think again! Download the 10CRIC App and you'll get instant access to Super Sic Bo mobile gameplay so you can bet on those rolls from wherever you are, wherever you go, any time of the day or night! The 10CRIC App comes in Android and iOS versions so are compatible with almost every modern smartphone and tablet. Not only that, but hundreds of other games are also available to play on your mobile and you can even make deposits too!
  • Unique User Interface: Super Sic Bo offers a unique player experience thanks to a specially designed interface that moves into clearer view during the betting time and moves back out of view so you can see the rolling of the dice. Betting is done in a simple click so you can sit back and watch those rolls or even chat with other players using the chat feature at the left side of the game. What an excellent opportunity for a bit of social gameplay!
  • Play with Rupees: Completing the positive experience is the fact that the entire game is played in your currency of Rupees! No more converting unfamiliar currencies in your head, spoiling your game. In the game, your balance is shown in Rupees, your available chip values are all in Rupees and your total bet is shown next to your balance is also in Rupees. And guess what? Your winnings are in Rupees too!

Super Sic Bo is not only a super simple game to understand, but it's also really easy to play. Betting on the outcomes of those three dice is exciting enough, but when you add in the opportunity to win up to 1,000x more thanks to those random multipliers, the excitement value of this game goes right up! And with the option to play Super Sic Bo on any device, any time, you can see why so many players in India are loving this game right now!

What are the Payouts of Super Sic Bo?

So what can you expect to win playing Super Sic Bo? Your winnings depend on the bet you placed and the odds of that specific dice outcome coming up. You will see these odds displayed on the betting board. When you win a bet, you'll get your original bet back plus your winnings according to the outcome you bet on as follows:

Super Sic Bo Payouts

Small/Big: 1:1 (evens) Odd/Even: 1:1 (evens) Double: 8:1
Any Triple: 30:1 Specific Triple: 150:1 Total 4 or 17: 50:1
Total 5 or 16: 20:1 Total 6 or 15: 15:1 Total 7 or 14: 12:1
Total 8 or 13: 8:1 Total 9 or 12: 6:1 Total 10 or 11: 6:1
2 Dice Combination: 5:1 1x Single: 1:1 (evens) 2x Single: 2:1

Don't forget those random multipliers! They can push your winnings up from 10x to 1,000x on every roll! If you're lucky enough to hit a random multiplier, your payout on that bet will be multiplied by the multiplier value, boosting your winnings even more!

Play Online Mega Sic Bo

Offered by well-known games provider Pragmatic Play, the Mega Sic Bo India friendly live casino game is another variation of that old favourite dice game that's proving a big hit in the online casinos that offer the game. Featuring three dice that are rolled automatically by a vibrating platform enclosed in a glass dome case, Mega Sic Bo offers maximum betting enjoyment and the chance to see winnings skyrocket thanks to the addition of random mega multipliers during every roll!

Set in a very decadent and luxuriously designed studio adorned with modern and sophisticated red and gold fabrics, Mega Sic Bo feels more like a game show than a casino game. The Mega Sic Bo live dealer sits centre stage at an elegant red and champagne coloured table upon which sits the glass-domed case containing the game's three red dice. As the host, the live dealer greets you when you join the game and also serves as the game's announcer, giving a warning as the betting time closes, calling out how many mega multipliers have been added to the betting board during the roll and announcing the results of each roll.

Various camera angles add to the game show feel of this game, with views changing from the all-encompassing front view to a closer shot of the dice as they roll and stop to reveal the results. What makes this live casino gaming experience even more inviting is the fact that you can interact with the live dealer and other players by using the chat feature to the right of the screen. Of course, with up to 1,000x mega multipliers added at random to the betting board, Mega Sic Bo offers players the chance to win big with just a single roll of the dice, which is one of the most attractive features of this game.

How to Play Mega Sic Bo Online?

If you think this looks like an interesting game, you may be wondering how to play Mega Sic Bo. In this section, we'll go into detail about how the game works from the moment you open it to the moment you receive your winnings.

First of all, to play Mega Sic Bo at 10CRIC you'll need an account. It's very quick and easy to open one. Remember to check the Promotions page for our latest welcome bonus and get started with some extra funds in your account.

When you're ready, log in and go to the Casino section of the 10CRIC website. Click the Dice link under the main banner image to jump to the available dice games and select Mega Sic Bo.

Once the game opens you'll see the live dealer dressed in red seated at a round table on which is the glass-domed case containing the three red dice. At the bottom of your screen, you will see various panels. On the left is a panel showing info on the consecutive Big, Small, Odd and Even results. On the right is a panel showing the statistics of each dice value as well as Small, Big, Odd, Even and Triple results. Your chip values are accessible to the right of this panel with extra info and the chat feature located in the top right corner.

In the bottom centre of your screen, you'll see the betting board showing all available betting options. To bet, simply choose a chip value and click on the betting option you wish to bet on. When the betting time is over the live dealer will start the dice rolling and a variable number of mega multipliers of up to 1,000x will be added to random betting options during the roll. Once the dice have come to rest, winning bets will be paid.

How Mega Sic Bo Game Works?

Mega Sic Bo live casino game is a very attractive game to play for several reasons and its popularity has grown hugely in recent years as a result. Not only is this game very easy to learn, but it's also incredibly easy to play and, in turn, it's also an easy game to win, thanks to all the available betting options and the many rolls that run during a day. Here we'll take a closer look at a few specific aspects of betting on this game, including how to bet on Mega Sic Bo with Rupees, how to bet on the big/small and odd/even betting options and how to read the dice result statistics.

  • How to bet Rupees on the Mega Sic Bo?: The last thing you want to have to do is sit there and work out what the various chip values are, from USD, EUR, GBP and other currencies to your own. It doesn't sound like a very enjoyable experience but playing this game at online casinos that don't offer Rupees as a currency is a result. Here at 10CRIC, every monetary value you see is in your familiar currency of Rupees. That includes everything from the Mega Sic Bo table limits shown in the top left corner, to your available balance in the bottom left, the player winnings are shown on the right after every roll, and the chip values displayed at the bottom right. That means betting in Rupees is as easy as choosing your chip value and placing it on your chosen betting option on the board. And your winnings are in Rupees too!
  • How to bet on Small/Big or Odd/Even?: Perfect for first-time players of Mega Sic Bo, the Small/Big and Odd/Even betting options are very simple to play. Three dice roll result is classed as small if the total is 4-10 and big if the total is 11-17. Similarly, a roll is classed as Odd if the total is an odd number and Even if it's an even number. To place a bet on one of these options, simply choose a chip value from the right and click on the option you wish to play. When the dice have come to rest, the resulting total will determine if your bet is a winner. If so, your winnings are added to your balance automatically.
  • Dice result statistics?: You may find it useful to keep an eye on previous roll results as a way to decide what to bet on next and the statistics help you do this. The panel on the left displays consecutive Small, Big, Odd and Even results between the panel's two tabs. The panel on the right shows you the appearance of each dice value, and the Small, Big, Triple, Odd and Even appearances as percentages.

Don't forget that Mega Sic Bo mobile gameplay is also available via the 10CRIC App, so you can go for massive mega multiplier wins wherever you go, any time you like, on any iOS or Android device!

What is the Live Mega Sic Bo Payout?

So what kind of payout can you expect to get playing Mega Sic Bo? How much you win depends on which betting options you choose, as they all have varying odds that determine their payouts. Here's a list of the payouts according to betting option:

Mega Sic Bo Payouts

Small/Big: 1:1 (evens) Odd/Even: 1:1 (evens) Double: 8:1
Any Triple: 30:1 Specific Triple: 150:1 Total 4 or 17: 50:1
Total 5 or 16: 20:1 Total 6 or 15: 15:1 Total 7 or 14: 12:1
Total 8 or 13: 8:1 Total 9 or 12: 6:1 Total 10 or 11: 6:1
2 Dice Combination: 5:1 1x Single: 1:1 (evens) 2x Single: 2:1

Remember that those mega multipliers can push your winnings up to 1,000x your bet at random on every roll! Look for one or more of them to appear during the dice roll. The betting positions will be marked in red along with the available mega multiplier value, which can be anything up to 1,000x. If your bet wins and a mega multiplier is on it, you're in for a larger than usual payout!

Play Online Live Lightning Dice

The live casino game of Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming is another very popular game that revolves around the idea of betting on the outcome of three dice. Lightning Dice India accessible gameplay is just a click away and promises enthralling action on every roll thanks to simple rules and added multipliers of up to 1,000x!

The Lightning Dice live dealer game is similar to the previously mentioned dice games of Super Sic Bo and Mega Sic Bo in the fact that you bet on the outcome of three dice with the potential for even bigger wins thanks to randomly added multipliers. However, Lightning Dice offers its unique twist, specifically regarding how the dice are rolled, making this game perhaps more visually appealing to many players than other titles.

Presented as a TV game show with you as the player and your live dealer as the host, Lightning Dice online is an incredibly simple game to understand and play, offering you the chance to win big money on the outcome of those three dice. Before the roll, multipliers of up to 1,000x are assigned at random to one or more of the betting options with a bolt of lightning. Then, rather than the glass-domed case that features the dice in other games, in Lighting Dice the dice are dropped into a large upright clear plastic maze complete with various shapes for the dice to tumble through, which serves to give them a good random roll before they come to rest at the bottom.

The game is rounded out by lively chat from the live dealer, who announces the dice outcomes and lightning numbers but also interacts with players via the chat feature. And for even more excitement, dramatic game show style music makes Lightning Dice a truly unique and appealing experience!

How to Play Lightning Dice Online?

Intrigued by the Lightning Dice game? Wondering how to play Lightning Dice? This section will take you through how the game works from finding it and opening it to placing bets and collecting your winnings.

If you're not yet a member of 10CRIC, your first step is to open a new account, which is very quick and easy. Once you've done that, check our Promotions page for our latest welcome bonus that will give you extra funds to play with from the start.

When you're ready to play, go to the Casino section of the 10CRIC website and click the Dice link under the banner image to jump to our dice games collection. Find the Lightning Dice game and click to open it.

When the game opens you will see the gold and black themed studio, the live dealer and the gold lit plastic maze tower that the dice are dropped into. It's a good idea to watch a few rounds of the game first to see how it works and familiarise yourself with the betting options and history panel.

When you're ready to bet, choose a chip value from under the betting options panel and place it on the dice total that you think will result from the roll. Once the betting time is closed, lightning will strike some betting options at random with these outcomes assigned multipliers of up to 1,000x. The live dealer will then flip the switch which drops the three dice into the maze tower. The dice will tumble down through the maze and come to rest at the bottom revealing the outcome. If you bet on the revealed total, you win! If your winning bet was also struck by a lightning multiplier, you win even more!

Lightning Dice Tips and Tricks

So is there a way to push the odds in your favour and increase your chances of winning when playing Lightning Dice? Many people claim to have strategies that do exactly that when it comes to this game. These strategies tend to be based on the fact that the different dice totals available to bet on have different probabilities of making an appearance. The basic payouts of the different dice totals vary as a reflection of these probabilities and players claim they can use varying betting methods to take advantage of this.

For example, the chances of a dice total of three (which would be a triple 1) coming up is 0.463%, which is far less likely than a dice total of 10 or 11 with a probability of 12.5%. This is due to the various combinations that can result in that dice total, with only one combination giving a total of three, but 27 combinations giving a total of 10 or 11. You could try a strategy that uses this information by betting a larger amount on 10 or 11 for the smaller payout, and a smaller amount on three for the larger payout. Those random multipliers can shake things up too, which all adds up to the fact that, while strategies are fun to try, Lightning Dice is largely a game of chance.

The Benefits of Lightning Dice?

The Lightning Dice live casino game has been hailed as one of the most successful of its kind, with its unique combination of simple gameplay, big win potential, live dealer and game show style appealing to many players. Let's take a closer look at what makes this such a popular game:

  • Exclusive Quality:Lightning Dice has been designed to feel like a game show, with a professional studio set, dramatic music, attractive black and gold theme and well-dressed, experienced hosts. Different camera angles shift the focus between the live dealer, the maze tower and the dice results, creating the feeling that you're involved in this game, not just watching it. The actual betting process doesn't interfere with the game show feel as it only comes into better view during the betting time and moves back out of the way for the rolls.
  • Live Dealer: No game show is complete without a host! The live dealer makes you feel welcome from the moment you open the game. The chat feature creates a more interactive experience between player and live dealer and will often lead the topic of conversation between rolls. Dressed in their best and skilled at hosting an entertaining show, the live dealers help create an unforgettable gaming experience!
  • Mobile-Friendly: Lightning Dice gameplay isn't restricted to your home computer. Thanks to the 10CRIC App, which comes in both iOS and Android versions, you can play this electric live casino game on any smartphone or tablet. That means you can play Lightning Dice mobile for the chance to win big multiplier payouts any time you like, wherever you go!
  • Play with Rupees: At 10CRIC you can play Lightning Dice with Rupees! Every amount displayed in the game is shown in Rupees, from your chip values to your balance, your total bet to your winnings and those of other players. That means there's no need to convert from foreign currencies in your head, allowing you to enjoy the game on your terms!

Simplicity is often the key to success and Lightning Dice is a great example of this idea. Betting on the total of those three dice avoids unnecessary complexity in the game that may put off some players, while the random lightning multipliers add a touch of excitement to keep things interesting. The game represents a winning combination of ideas that must be experienced!

Lightning Dice Bonus Game Multipliers

Still, wondering about those random lightning multipliers? Let's look at how they work during the game in a bit more detail.

At the start of a round, the live dealer will place the three dice into the top of the maze tower in preparation for the next roll and betting will be allowed for a short time. Once the betting time has closed, the betting panel will drop down again and start to glow gold. Gold lightning bolts will appear and strike between zero and several dice totals at random, assigning each one a multiplier of up to 1,000x. These will stay gold for the duration of the round.

The live dealer will then flip the switch to release the dice into the maze tower, where they will tumble down and come to rest revealing the result. If that result happens to be one of those struck by the gold lightning, anyone who bet on that result will have their bet multiplied by the lightning multiplier shown.

With multipliers of up to 1,000x added to random dice totals on almost every round, an extra shot of excitement is added to the game, giving players the chance to strike it rich!

10CRIC India Casino and Live Casino Bonuses

As a premier online casino catering specifically to India residents, 10CRIC offers a range of special bonuses and other offers that are designed to help you get maximum enjoyment from your online casino experience. You'll find a range of dice casino bonuses and craps casino offers online on our Promotions page, along with plenty of offers for other games too.

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