Play Blackjack Online with 10CRIC

Welcome to the blackjack section at 10CRIC where you will find some of the most popular types of online and live blackjack games. All available for Indian players who wants to deposit, bet and withdraw their winnings in Rupees.

Playing live blackjack has never been as easy as it is on 10CRIC’s Android app or with your computer, allowing unblemished gameplay on multiple devices. The card games are powered by award winning software providers such as Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. And if this wasn't all, at 10CRIC we also allow IMPS transfers to many local banks which makes all your payouts hit your account in just a few hours.

What Is Online Blackjack?

10CRIC offers various blackjack games for real money in online video version, which means the game is animated in 2D or 3D. The cards are dealt by a computer and the pace of the game can be considered slow, compared to live dealer blackjack. The online blackjack games are easily accessed through the filter above and is a superb intro game if you are a beginner. Especially “Classic Blackjack” from NetEnt, which does not have any extra added features such as Multiple Hands and raised betting levels.

As long as you have a working internet connection, you can access 10CRIC’s online blackjack from anywhere and on any device. This gives you easy access to all our games and saves you from going on a trip to Goa or Vegas to make money. You can easily play 21 from your home.

Playing at 10CRIC also allows you to pause your game at any point in time. This translates to more time to think about your next move or refer to strategies online before continuing. This is particularly handy for beginners.

What is Live Dealer Blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack is a new way of playing online blackjack but with real humans. In live blackjack you join a table that is already in progress and you can start betting once a new round is initiated.

You can see the dealers who would be at a studio in front of a full HD 1080p camera with crystal clear sound. And also the cards they deal to other players, including the dealer’s face-up card. With each card that is dealt you can choose from your screen to hit, stand, split, double or surrender. Just like you would in the 2D/3D version of blackjack - but now you have a timer ticking down to make your decision. You can even chat with the other players and the pretty dealer if you have any doubt about the rules or if you just want to see how their day has been.

Instead of collecting your winnings in chips, the money is instantly credited in INR to your 10CRIC account. Due to all these features and the fact that 10CRIC’s Live Blackjack experience is uncanny as it is provided by Evolution Gaming, players who have tried live blackjack, never go back to regular online blackjack.

Play Blackjack for Real Money at 10CRIC

To get going all you have to do is click the “Join Now” button, fill in some basic personal information and an OTP code will be sent to your phone. Signing up and playing live blackjack for real money at 10CRIC is boosted by a welcome bonus of up to a whopping Rs.20,000.

Rupees is the default deposit option which means you don’t have to pay any conversion fees and all the transactions are instant. We accept deposits via Visa and MasterCard, Neteller, ecopayz and even bitcoin. However, if you don’t have any of the payment options available, then you can always make an IMPS bank transfer and start your hunt towards 21 in minutes.

Now, it is up to you to choose a blackjack game after your desire. We have written a short guide further down on this page how to choose a blackjack casino game suitable for your level. Once you are done and have won a considerable amount of its time to withdraw. Before we can accept any withdrawals (due to Anti Money Laundering purposes) we need to verify your account, which is something you can find more details on this page. Minimum withdrawal is Rs. 500 and you will receive your blackjack winnings within a couple of hours, depending on which withdrawal method you choose.

Playing blackjack for money is preferable done from our Android app and you may ask why. Without going into technical details on mobile phones, the hardware is better utilized in the app and your gaming experience will be on top. All you need is a 4G connection or WiFi to get going.

And if you would encounter any issues our helpful 24/7 customer support will be at your service.

Rules of Blackjack

The main goal of blackjack is to get to the number 21 or as close to it as possible in value of the cards. The number cards are all valued at their face value. While all the letter cards are worth 10. Remember that an Ace could mean an 11 or 1.

No matter what variation of blackjack you play, it’s important to keep some of the rules in mind. Always split your aces and 8’s. Think twice before doubling down. Insuring guarantees no losses.

Let’s consider the outcomes of various blackjack hands when you bet Rs. 100. While also considering blackjack winnings of 2:1 as opposed to the usual 3:2 for ease of understanding:

  • When you have a 16 (King & 6) and the dealer has 10 (King & unknown) and your next card is a 4 which makes your total 20. If the dealer’s unknown is a 7, you’ve won Rs. 200!
  • When you have 2 aces, it’s a 2 or a 12 and you would want to split it doubling your chances of winning. So now you will get one more card on each of these bets. If you get a 10 on one hand, making it 21 and you get 7 in the other and the house gets 18 (a King and an 8). You won the first hand which will give you Rs.200 and the second one is a push so you neither win nor lose. So you keep the Rs.100.
  • Now let’s assume you get a 5 and a 6 (making it 11) and the dealer has a Queen (and an unknown). You would be wise to double down with a bet that doesn’t cross your initial bet of Rs.100. Let’s say you bet Rs.100 itself and your one card is a Jack. That makes it 21 and your total is now Rs.400.

Now remember that while the above scenarios all landed in wins or draws that does not mean that you should always split or double. Remember to choose wisely and bet minimally.

Which Online Blackjack Game Should I Choose?

Blackjack has been a popular game for centuries now and naturally, there are many variants to the game. At 10CRIC we offer the best types of online and live Blackjack to our players. These include Single hand Blackjack, Multi hand Blackjack, European Blackjack, American Blackjack, and many more.

  • Single hand Blackjack & Classic Blackjack: This is the basic version of Blackjack and is what we recommend all beginners to start with. Filter by provider and choose iSoftBet, NetEnt, BetSoft or Microgaming.
  • Multi hand Blackjack: All the rules of regular Blackjack apply, except that the players get 3 hands instead of 2. This is a fun game for intermediate players and can be found by filtering by iSoftBet.
  • European Blackjack: European Blackjack is different from the original. It’s played with just 2 decks of cards. The dealer must stand on all 17 and he doesn’t get to peek at his cards. You can double down on a 9,10 or 11 only and can split once. Remember that split Ace and 10 counts as 21 and not Blackjack. We recommend this game for more advanced players and is hosted by NetEnt, Microgaming and iSoftBet.

Make sure you know the rules of the specific Blackjack game that you choose. While the basic rules are the same, different variations have slightly terms and conditions. You can always check the specific rules if you open the menu in any of the corners of the game.

What about Live Casino Blackjack Games?

All live games on 10CRIC are developed by Evolution Gaming, Asia Gaming and Gameplay Interactive. Each of them have their own unique features and player interfaces

  • Asia Gaming: Are you a fan of Asian looking dealers? Then this is your choice of blackjack provider! The game interface is smooth and the bets are displayed on the top left while the details of the game are displayed on the opposite side. This shows your available balance, bet limits, total bets placed and other particulars.
  • Evolution Gaming: Evolution Gaming has some of the best live blackjack dealers on the internet. Very professional, good looking and the definite choice if you are going to play on the VIP tables. A very well developed interface which gives you a good overview of what's happening and also live chat available in the mobile.
  • Gameplay Interactive: The Blackjack interface offered by Gameplay Interactive is just what you need to get going with your live blackjack experience. Just like Asia Gaming you’ll also find Asian looking dealers.

While all these studios offer high-quality gaming experience, all players have a favourite. 10CRIC lets you filter games based on your preferred provider and start playing.

10CRIC’s 3 Tips to Become a Better Blackjack Player

Like all casino games Blackjack also relies on luck, there is definitely an element of skill to it. If you’re a beginner and want to increase your chances of getting lucky (no pun intended), you can keep 10CRIC’s top 3 tips for becoming a better player:

  • Remember that lower the number of decks dealt, higher your chance of winning. This is simply because when Blackjack is dealt with a single deck, It is easier for the players to remember the cards that have already been dealt and therefore, predict the kind of hand they are likely to get. In simple terms, the higher the number of decks in play, the more difficult it is for players to count cards.
  • Players are welcomed to the live casino world with a bonus of Rs.20,000. With just a minimum deposit of Rs.1000, take full advantage of this bonus. If there is ever a promotion giving players 2:1 returns on Blackjack instead of 3:2, drop everything and go for it. This is a rare opportunity for you to make more money than usual.If you are not sure about what games are eligible for which promotion or offer, you can always contact our customer care team, as they are more than happy to help you.
  • Winning streaks have come crashing down due to sloppy playing. Even if you are winning big it is better to continue betting small. Remember that just as you could win big, you can also lose big. So, always play penny by penny and stick to your budget.

Always remember, it’s never wise to cry over spilt milk.

Sign up Today with 10CRIC’s Blackjack Bonus

Sign up now and make a deposit at our Indian live casino. Just enter the code “CRICLIVE” while making your first deposit so that your deposit becomes eligible for the bonus. You will get a Blackjack bonus of 150% upto Rs.20,000.

To activate the bonus you need to make a minimum deposit of Rs.1000 and that’s it. Your bonus is automatically credited to your account and you can use it to bet at all our live casino games including Blackjack. It’s easy to register and you can immediately start playing.

Signing up is not the only thing that you can do immediately on 10CRIC, you can also withdraw funds from your 10CRIC account instantly. As you might know, the “IM” in IMPS stands for “Immediate”. Since we have tie ups with several Indian banks, it is easy to transfer your winnings into your bank account.

So, we at 10CRIC are proud to say that we are one of the very few online casinos with a Sportsbook that offers top-quality games, unmatched gaming experience and the fastest payouts in India!


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