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The classic rivalry of Australia vs England has built up over many years, but it’s 1882 that marks the start of a fiercely fought competition between the two sides.

The concept of the Ashes comes from an obituary published in The Sporting Times that mourned the death of English cricket. It came after an AUS vs ENG match, where England lost. The satirical piece indicated that Australia would burn the body and take the ashes back with them.

Later that year, the English team crossed the globe to recover the ashes. They won, and Australians presented them with an urn with the remains of a burnt cricket ball inside. Since then, the two sides have met regularly to determine who reigns supreme.

Australia vs England Head to Head

You’re guaranteed to see sparks fly when watching an Australia vs England cricket match. The Ashes series, in particular, feature close matches. It’s held alternatively in England and Australia with national pride at stake, which means teams fight hard to win. The Aussies have a better record for T20, but England has greater numbers in other formats.

It’s worth knowing Australia vs England stats to understand the rivalry between the teams. Although it can depend on who’s playing at home, there have been some upsets over the years.

Format Australia Won England Won Draw/Tied/No Result
Test Cricket
1877 - 2019
110 146 95
One Day International
1977 - 2019
62 82 2
Twenty20 International
2005 - 2020
10 8 1

Here’s a breakdown of Australia and England going head to head at the Ashes.

Australia Won England Won Draw
Series 33 32 6
Series in Australia 19 14 2
Series in England 14 18 4
Tests 136 108 91

Most Interesting Matches between Australia and England in Cricket

Cricket is, of course, a sport played with good spirit and noble intentions. However, several matches have become known for being hostile, dramatic and controversial, as well as thoroughly entertaining. These defining moments in England vs Australia history explain why a matchup between these two teams is always hotly anticipated.


The 1932/33 Ashes series saw tensions rise in a brutal battle. The Australian batsmen were under attack. England captain Douglas Jardine instructed his fast bowlers to focus on hostile and short leg-side bowling. Hits to parts of the body, blood, and injuries became a familiar sight. England won, but the rules of cricket were changed to avoid a repeat of that experience. Nevertheless, 40 years later, Australia got its revenge with a fast-bowling and aggressive approach, which led to two batsmen with broken hands in the first innings.

Headingley 1981

This AUS vs ENG matchup is famous for being an exciting comeback from England. The team became the second side to win a Test after a follow-on. Ian Botham, Graham Dilley, and Bob Willis were instrumental in the victory. At one stage, the odds were 500-1 against them, but despite that, England prevailed.

Edgbaston 2005

A narrow Ashes victory, this time England turned it around to win by two runs. England started well, but Australia ruled on the following days. As the series drew to a close, it felt like all hope was gone. Rewatching the 2005 Ashes, you’re convinced that Australia will win until the last moments; it’s the shock victory that makes this one memorable. Especially since Australia swiftly took revenge with a whitewash in the 2006/07 Ashes.

2013/14 Ashes

Australia whitewashed England in 1920/21, and as mentioned above, did it once again in 2006/07. However, the standout 5-0 triumph came in 2013/14. Australia had lost the last three Ashes and wasn’t the favourite going in. Many big names like Warne and McGrath had retired, but new stars like Michael Clarke, David Warner and Mitchell Johnson shone.

Australia (AUS) Cricket Team

The Australia Cricket Team, along with England, is the joint oldest team, and the first to win a Test match. Against every other national Test cricket team, Australia has a winning record. The earliest record of cricket in Australia dates back to the early 1800s. They formed official clubs a few years later, and a national team came together.

Over the years, many players have shaped cricket in Australia as well as influencing the game internationally.

Sir Don Bradman

Known as The Don, many agree that he was the greatest batsman of all time. He made his Test debut in the 1928/29 series and, after a rocky start, went on to break records. He still holds the record for the highest batting average, and is the only Australian to score a century of centuries; he scored 117.

He captained the Australian side known as The Invincibles during an unbeaten tour of England. His legacy lives on, and the ICC inducted Bradman into the Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009.

Richie Benaud

Equally loved as a commentator and a cricket player, Benaud was an all-rounder who helped put the country back on top in the 50s and 60s. He was the first to reach the Test cricket milestones of 2,000 runs and 200 wickets.

His personality and style as a captain revived national interest in the game, with large crowds attending for the 28 Tests where he was in charge.

Recent Years

In the last few decades, players like Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting have set new records. Warne was captain for the One Day Internationals (ODI) team and is one of the greatest bowlers in history.

Ricky Ponting has brought attention as a coach, commentator and player. He captained the national side during its golden era. Ponting is the leading run-scorer for Australia in ODI and Test cricket.

Current Players to Watch

Names to watch in the national team at the moment are Steve Smith and David Warner. Smith is one of the top-ranking Test batsmen in the world. Warner became the first batsman for Australia to score a century in his 100th ODI.

England Cricket Team (ENG)

Cricket in England dates back to the 16th century, although the international team is as old as the Australian one. It was at the Marylebone Cricket Club that the modern rules of the game developed. Interestingly, the first Test, ODI, and Twenty20 matches for the England cricket team were all played against Australia.

It’s the players of the ENG cricket team that have made the historic victories so memorable. Here are some of the most instrumental.

W. G. Grace

Playing for 44 seasons, W. G played an essential role in shaping cricket. He played from 1865 up to 1908 and is still considered an icon. He was a superb all-rounder that brought technical innovations to the game.

Sir Geoffrey Boycott

An essential part of England’s batting line up from the 60s onward, Boycott was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009. He was a prolific player, a controversial commentator, and a household name.

Recent Years

In the 80s and 90s, another great all-rounder featured on the England team. Ian Botham was an aggressive batsman and fast-medium bowler that became the second-ever Test player to take ten wickets and score 100 runs in the same match.

When it comes to breaking records, though, former England captain Alistair Cooktops the list. Not only is he the most capped player, but he holds the records for the most runs for an England batsman, the most centuries, the most fours, and the most career catches.

Current Players to Watch

In the squad right now, James Anderson and Joe Root are drawing attention. Among fast bowlers, Anderson is the all-time leading wicket-taker and the first to take 600 wickets in Test matches. The ICC ranks captain Joe Root in the top ten players for ODI and Test batting.

Cricket 2020 Australia vs England - Betting and Odds

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organisers have postponed Australia vs England 2020 matches and other professional fixtures. If it’s safe and possible to proceed in the upcoming few months of the year, cricket will return, although the matches may be played behind closed doors.

The rivalry between the two sides has always been fierce, which means any cricket in 2020 with Australia vs England will be great to bet on and watch. ODI world champions England have the upper hand, so it’ll be up to Australia to challenge and beat them.

Australia vs England Betting in 10CRIC India

Since the matchups can be close, dramatic, and have some big upsets, Australia vs England betting provides many opportunities for profitable and exciting wagers. If you’re following the top players on each team and their form before heading into a match, then you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

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AUS vs ENG - Odds

At 10CRIC there are three types of odds for betting: outright, pre-match, and live match (or in-play).

You’ll find Australia vs England outright odds in advance of any significant event they participate in. Outright cricket odds are one of the most common ones. For example, you can find odds on the winner of the next Ashes series, overall winners of ODIs like the Royal London Series, and International T20 matches.

Australia vs England before the match odds provide even more exciting options. These are released shortly before a fixture so that you’ll have more info for your betting. You’ll find bets like picking the top batsman, coin-toss winner, and highest individual score.

Live betting odds for Australia vs England are for bets you can make while the match is in-play. They give you the chance to pick who will take the next wicket, or score a six. The odds are updated live to reflect the current action, do you miss any of the action on the field.

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