10CRIC Best Sports Betting Site in India

Sports betting in India has taken its time to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of being regulated and controlled, in the process becoming something that is completely legal in India.

The concept of a legal betting site where customers are free to play sports betting markets on all the favourite sports among Indian customers including cricket, football, tennis and kabaddi has certainly taken its time but now that all that has been finalized, it’s very much here to stay.

And leading the revolution is 10CRIC, a site that’s been designed specifically with the Indian sports betting customer in mind. The product as a whole has been developed to meet the unique demands and needs of Indian fans of sports betting, as outlined below.

Quite simply, we believe 10CRIC offers the best customer experience of any Indian-focused sports betting sites with some of the main benefits including:

  • Extremely generous sports betting odds across all the sports we offer. We currently offer betting opportunities on over 60 different sports.
  • Lots of variety of 10CRIC sports betting markets in pre-match, live betting and on outright betting markets.
  • Plenty of convenient payment methods available, specifically with the habits of Indian players in mind.
  • A site that’s clean, easy-to-use, pleasing on the eye and is constantly being improved with the ultimate customer experience in mind.
  • The highest possible standards in terms of security, making sure your money and data are absolutely safe at all times.
  • A Customer Service team that’s helpful, knowledgeable, polite and resourceful to make sure all queries and problems are resolved with minimum of fuss.
  • A mobile app that replicates your experience using a laptop, or a desktop. That way 10CRIC is always available to you.
  • A welcome bonus that’s as good if not better as anything else on the market, further ongoing promotions and a generous loyalty program.

Mobile Sports Betting - 10CRIC Android App

The world is constantly changing and so are the habits and wants of sports betting customers. The concept of having to be at home in front of your computer to place a bet on an upcoming sports event is a very dated one.

Whether we like it or not, the smartphone has overtaken the PC and laptop in terms of how much use we get out of them daily. And nowhere is this more the case than in India itself. Yes, China is still the world’s largest smartphone market but consider this: the number of smartphone users in India is expected to reach approximately 442 million by 2022 (source: Statista), while the number of first-ever Indian smartphone users (buying one for the first time) was a staggering 70 million in 2017. Cheap tariffs and an increase in demand for them mean they’re very much here to stay so the best Indian bookmakers have to be prepared for that.

So, the theory runs true that these days a betting operator is only as good as its mobile app. And if that’s the case, 10CRIC is a very good company indeed because it can boast a Sports Betting app that’s quick and easy to download, secure, efficient and simple to use.

But why is it more convenient to bet on your mobile? The answer is that you could be anywhere as the next big cricket match or Premier League football game is about to kick off. Using the 10CRIC app, it doesn’t matter where you are and what you’re doing: the latest betting odds, both pre-match and in-play, are always at your fingertips. So you never have to miss out. You can also use the app to move your money around, register a new card or do everything else you’d do from your computer.

Download 10CRIC app

Why 10CRIC is the Best Betting Site in India?

Sports betting sites in India are becoming a competitive business and as the number of legal sites in India increases by the month, it’s only going to become even more competitive.

So it’s a real case of making sure that you’re on the ball when it comes to satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding characters. Or you risk being left behind.

Here at 10CRIC India, we believe we have the best product on the market for Indian sports bettors and are in no mood to allow our standards to slip and risk losing our valued customers to other sites.

That’s why we not only go the extra mile in terms of making sure we tick every box in terms of what we think our customers want but we’re also constantly improving the experience as we go along.

Recent figures from 2019 show that the most popular sports in India at present are (in order): cricket, football, field hockey, badminton and tennis. So it should come as no surprise that those are the sports we focus on the most here at 10CRIC.

Cricket obviously takes centre stage with all international matches across all three formats of any note being offered in addition to the likes of the IPL, the Big Bash and the CPL.

When it comes to football, all the major ones are there as well. So that’s anything from international football, such as the World Cup, European Championships and Copa America to the best domestic leagues with the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A getting special attention, besides our very own Indian Super League.

It’s a similar story with the main tennis tournaments having lots of betting markets on them and even more so when the four Grand Slams come about. The Davis Cup and the Masters 1000 tournaments have no shortage of betting markets, either.

And the same is true again with field hockey and badminton. A sixth one, kabaddi, isn’t quite up there in terms of the overall number of fans but such is the increase in its popularity as a betting sport that we here at 10CRIC give it as much importance as some of the others we’ve just mentioned, with the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League the jewel in the sport’s crown.

While it’s virtually impossible to put an exact number on how many fans follow and discuss it daily, we do know that it’s second only to the Indian Premier League in terms of TV figures, with well over 500 million tunings into the Pro Kabaddi League over the past few seasons.

Another big advantage of 10CRIC bettors is that they can use their local currency - Rupees. It would be somewhat pointless to do so much to make this such an Indian-focused Sportsbook while neglecting the fact that this is the currency our customers most want to use. So that’s very much the main currency you can play in, though you can choose plenty of others as well.

We’re also open to listening to constant customer feedback in terms of what we’re doing well and what we can do even better.

Among the features that we’re most proud of regarding 10CRIC are:

  • Updating and improving the User Experience on an ongoing basis so you get the most enjoyment and best online betting experience out of playing at 10CRIC. Learn more about our User Experience
  • Multiple convenient payment methods for withdraws and deposits specifically designed to serve the Indian customers. Transferring your money in and out of your account is easy and we’re super-fast in terms of processing the payments. Learn more about our Payment Methods
  • If you’re an Indian customer, it’s not rocket science to assume that you’re mostly used to using Rupees. At 10CRIC you can play in your own currency to avoid unnecessary charges or unfavourable exchange rates. Learn more about: How to bet with Rupees?
  • Betting value is king when it comes to sports betting and our odds give you the fairest possible crack of the whip so that every winning bet you place gives you that little bit extra. That applies to all of the most exciting sports events, including the best cricket tournaments going. Learn more about our Betting Odds

Top Betting Sports Categories by 10CRIC

Cricket Football Tennis
Badminton Basketball Boxing
MMA Rugby League Rugby Union
American Football Aussie Rules Bandy
Darts Futsal
Golf Handball Ice-Hockey
Snooker Cycling Trotting

Constantly updating UX for the best Online Betting Experience

There are plenty of different areas that are important when it comes to providing a first-class sportsbook and one of the key ones is the user experience enjoyed by our customers.

There’s no point offering great odds and the biggest welcome bonus if when it comes to actually place your bets, it takes an eternity to get to the relevant market. Or you spend 10 minutes wondering where you have to go to make a deposit. Or the site is down at a crucial stage of a cricket match that has live betting markets on it.

To avoid all these issues, we here at 10CRIC went out and hired the best possible team of designers and user experience experts to make sure the site runs seamlessly. And because their work is never done in this regard, we listen carefully to all and any feedback from our customers into how we can do things better, quicker and more efficiently. We’ll almost go far as saying that when it comes to the user experience on the site, you’re the boss!

Convenient Payment Methods - Fast and Easy Withdraw and Deposit

It’s one thing being able to find where you need to go on-site to make a deposit or withdrawal, it’s quite another having a payment method that suits you.

In keeping with our policy of catering for Indian customers, we went out and found out which are the most popular payment methods in India, to ensure that no customer of ours can’t move their money around because we don’t offer their desired payment method.

On our site you can deposit and withdraw using bank transfer, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Neteller India, Skrill India and eco. You can of course also choose to use more than one method, if you prefer.

And because we’re into the second decade of the 21st century, you can even deposit using Bitcoin. Never let it be said that we don’t keep up with the times.

You Can Bet with Rupees

We’ve mentioned this in passing already but when it comes to placing a bet with real money, we’ve made sure that we’ve made things as easy as possible for our Indian customers by allowing them to bet with rupees, which means that when they win money, they’ll do so in their own currency.

Being allowed to bet in Rupees means our customers don’t have to pay charges in converting their money from Rupees into other currencies. Nor are they adversely affected by unfavourable exchange rates.

Having said that, we also realise that we have Indian customers who might wish to bet using other currencies so we allow our customers to also transfer their money in and out using Euros, New Zealand Dollars, US Dollars and British Pounds, among others.

Best Betting Odds for the Most Exciting Sports Events

It’s no secret that cricket is 10CRIC’s main focus when it comes to the sport that we cover in the greatest detail: it’s fair to say that the clue is in the name!

Because of that, it’s cricket that we have the most matches and that we have the most betting markets on. That means that whether you enjoy playing the match-winner or top team batsman betting market, you can. And should you wish to play slightly less high-profile markets such as who might be the man-of-the-match or which team will hit the most sixes, you can of course bet on those as well.

Here at 10CRIC we cover any cricket match of any significance played anywhere in the world. It goes without saying that includes all Test matches, ODIs and T20Is, whether they involve Virat Kohli’s India or whether it’s among any other two nations.

But domestic tournaments are suitably covered as well, especially the T20 ones. Top of the pile is of course our very own IPL but we’re also big fans of the Big Bash League, the T20 Blast, the Pakistan Super League and the CPL, of which we’re a proud sponsor.

But of course, it can’t just be about cricket. To satisfy the betting desires of all of our customers, we offer over 60 different sports including football, tennis, golf, baseball, MMA, ice hockey and motor racing. And because we’re all about the Indian market, also sports very specific to our countries such as kabaddi and badminton. And given the recent surge of interest in E-Sports, we cover all the major events in that as well.

There are three main betting types when it comes to sports:

Pre-Match Betting

So, India are up against Australia in an ODI and 10CRIC have all the pre-match markets on it. You’ll be able to bet on such markets as who you think is most likely to go on and win the match or who will top score for India in the game. Another Rohit Sharma special, will KL Rahul go big or will it be more of the same with Virat Kohli rotating the strike to perfection while punishing any bad balls? In cricket, pre-match betting markets are all those available up to the time the toss takes place. While with any other sport it’s until the opening whistle of the match or the start of the race.

If you were betting on say football, pre-match markets could include the match-winner, the first goalscorer, the correct score or whether there would be more or less than 2.5 goals in the game.

If it was tennis, pre-match betting markets would include the winner, the correct score of the first set or who will serve the most aces.

Live Betting

Of course, gone are the days when pre-match betting was the only form of betting. As sports betting has evolved massively over the past two decades, so has the interest and availability of live sports betting.

Betting on live matches means you can bet on a sports event after it’s started, whether it’s just a few minutes after the start or whether it’s during the crucial last five minutes.

For example, if India posts 180 against England in a T20I, you can decide at the break whether you think England will chase that or whether India will defend it. Similarly, you might decide on Live bet that when India is 50/3 in that same T20I after 8 overs, they’re still on course to post 160 or more runs.

If it was in the football arena, you can back Chelsea to hold onto their 1-0 lead at home to Liverpool or you might decide Jurgen Klopp’s boys are going to turn things around and still win the game as outsiders.

The ability to Live bet allows you to get involved in the action till the very end.

Outright Betting

If pre-match betting is about deciding on the respective merits of each side or two players ahead of a particular game and live betting is mostly about watching the action and betting based on what you’re seeing in front of you, then outright betting is a very different animal.

It’s more about analysing long-term trends, working out who’s best suited to not just win a couple of matches in a particular tournament but the whole thing.

Take the IPL for example. We all know that Mumbai Indians and Chennai Superkings have been the most consistent sides over the years and have each won it several times but then again, they’re also always the favourites.

Maybe it’s a case that the young and talented batsmen at the Delhi Capitals can take their team all the way this time. Or that the Rajasthan Royals will finally replicate their success from the first edition of the IPL.

Outright betting is for the customer who likes to look well ahead. The reward for getting it right is the high odds on offer before the tournament has got underway, especially if you like betting outsiders.

Responsible Betting

Running a Sportsbook as we do at 10CRIC also comes with responsibilities. For the most part, customers who enjoy sports betting see it as a hobby or past-time that allows them to enjoy watching sports that little much more thanks to some sensible batting, while always having the possibility of winning some money if they win quite a few bets along the way.

But we appreciate that some customers may not be able to be so controlled when it comes to betting and it’s one of the terms of our licence that we have a duty to protect and help those customers so that it doesn’t become a problem. And if it already is a problem, that we give them the support they need.

One way we help our customers take control of their gambling is to allow them to set limits on how much deposit every day, week or month. Once they’ve chosen to limit themselves to a particular amount, they won’t be able to pass it without previously giving notice to us.

Should customers wish to have a cooling-off period if they wish to take a break from playing, they can choose to do so and select the exact length of the period. They can also choose to self-exclude permanently.

We’ll also tell customers who feel they have a gambling problem where they can seep help through organisations set up exactly for that purpose